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What Are Tissue Angles?

In every direction all around you there are angles of energy that move through you. Each angle resonates with a tissue in your body. Within each angle is every other angle. Your energy system is fractal.

When viewing the Human Angle Project you will notice angles written as sets of letters. For instance you might see: HT(SI). These angles derive from Fu Xi Wen, a modernization of classical Chinese medical theory. Every angle has two parts. An angle relative to up and down. This is called the Vertical Angle. The second angle is relative to the directions of the compass. This is naturally called the Compass Angle. All angles are written as Vertical Angle(Compass Angle).

Vertical angles:

SI = V.+85°
BL = V.+80°
LI = V.+70°
ST = V.+60°
GB = V.+50°
TW = V.+35°
SP = V.+20°
LU = V.+10°
KD = V.0°
LU = V.-10°
SP = V.-20°
PC = V.-35°
LV = V.-50°
HT = V.-85°

“V.” stands for “vertical angle”. The minus sign (-) means from directly parallel with the ground go down the indicated number of degrees. The plus (+) sign means from directly parallel with the ground go up the indicated number of degrees.

Compass Angles:

KD = N.-35° and S.+35°
LU = N.-20° and S.+20°
SP = N.-10° and S.+10°
PC = N.+10° and S.-10°
LV = N.+20° and S.-10°
HT = N.+35° and S.-10°
SI = W.-35° and E.+35°
GB = W.-20° and E.+20°
TW = W.-10° and E.+10°
ST = W.+10° and E.-10°
LI = W.+20° and E.-20°
BL = W.+35° and E.-35°

When you see “N.”, “S.”, “W.”, and “E.” above interpret these as “true North”, “true South”, true West”, and “True East”. The minus sign (-) means go to the left of the true direction by the degrees indicated. The plus (+) sign means go to the right of the true direction by the degrees indicated.

Where do the letter abbreviations come from?

The abbreviations harken from classical Chinese medicine and are indicators that the specific angles are associated with specific Five Elements.

KD = kidney = Yin Water
LU = lung = Yin Metal
SP = spleen = Yin Earth
PC = pericardium = Yin Water and Fire together
LV = liver = Yin Wood
HT = heart = Yin Fire
SI = small intestine = Yang Fire
GB = gallbladder = Yang Wood
TW = triple warmer = Yang Water and Fire Together
ST = stomach = Yang Earth
LI = large intestine = Yang Metal
BL = bladder = Yang Water