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Introduction To Spirit Branch

Spirit Branch Medicine was created in 2008 by Ethan Borg, M.A.OM., L.Ac., creator of Fu Xi Wen as a powerful and incredibly flexible method of self-healing. You can only treat yourself with Spirit Branch Medicine, but you are no longer limited to only self care…

In 2013, Ethan Borg created Eminus Mirus (which stands for “Astounding At A Distance”) based on Spirit Branch Medicine. Colloquially known as “EM” (pronounced like the letter “em”), Eminus Mirus is a treatment method whereby you can diagnose and treat other people with the same theory utilized by Spirit Branch Medicine. If you want to diagnose and treat other people with Spirit Branch Medicine you now can — with EM.

New * Faster * Stronger * Easier

In 2013, Spirit Branch Medicine was simplified. All you have to do is click the Treat Me Now links next to the treatments to receive the treatments. All treatments are now automatically set to the highest possible, safest intensity so you no longer need to play with the treatment parameters. Everything is good to go. Some treatments do not have “Treat Me Now” links because they cannot be activated anymore with Spirit Branch Medicine. But these same treatments are now available to you if you learn EM.