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Tissue Layers Sub Tissues

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Skin LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermis LU(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermis Stratum Corneum LU(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermis Stratum Lucidem LU(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermis Stratum Granulosum LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermis Stratum Spinosum LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermis Stratum Germinatium LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epidermal Basement Layer LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Dermis LU(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Dermis Reticular Layer LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Dermis Papillary Layer LU(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Sebacious Gland LU(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)TW(TW) (Treat Me Now)
Sweat Gland LU(KD)KD(KD)TW(TW) (Treat Me Now)
Arrector Pili muscle LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)ST(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now)
Meissner’s corpuscle
Pacinian Corpuscle
Melanocyte LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Hypodermis LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(SP) (Treat Me Now)
Basal Cells LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Merkel Cell LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)SE Nerves (Treat Me Now)
Langerhans Cells LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)PC(HT) or LU(HT) or LI(HT)
Epidermal pore LU(KD)BL(KD)KD(ST) or BL(ST)
Dermal Pore LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(ST) or BL(ST)
Hair LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)GB(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Hair follice LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)GB(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)


Veins PC(KD to SI) (Treat Me Now)
Tunica Externa PC(KD to TW)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Endothelium PC(KD to SI)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Tunica Media PC(KD to TW)ST(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Tunica Interna PC(KD to TW)KD(ST) (Treat Me Now) or BL(ST)PC(KD to TW) (Treat Me Now)
Cavity PC(KD to SI)HT(KD) (Treat Me Now)


Arteries TW(KD to SI) (Treat Me Now)
Cavity TW(KD to SI)HT(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Endothelium TW(KD to SI)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Tunica Externa TW(KD to TW)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Tunica Media TW(KD to TW)ST(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Tunica Interna TW(KD to TW)KD(ST) (Treat Me Now) or TW(KD to TW)BL(ST) (Treat Me Now)
Elastic Layer TW(KD to SI)LV(KD) (Treat Me Now)


Capillaries SI(KD to SI) (Treat Me Now)

Lymphatic Vessels

Lymphatic Vessels PC(PC) (Treat Me Now)
Lymph Nodes PC(PC)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)


Bones KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Topmost or lateral head KD(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Bottommost or medial head KD(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Marrow Cavity KD(KD)HT(KD) (Treat Me Now)
External boundary KD(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Internal Tissue boundary KD(KD)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Attached Tendon KD(KD)GB(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Attached Ligament KD(KD)LV(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Attached Muscle KD(KD)ST(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Osteon KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Interstitial Lamellae KD(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Central canal KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Lacunae KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)HT(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Endosteum KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Collagen fiber in osteon KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)LV(KD) (Treat Me Now) or KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)GB(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Perforating Canals
Periosteum KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Sharpey’s fibers


Flesh SP(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Reticular Fibers SP(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Elastic fiber SP(KD)GB(GB) (Treat Me Now)
Collagen fibers SP(KD)LV(LV) (Treat Me Now)
Mast cells SP(KD)SI(HT) (Treat Me Now)
Lymphocytes SP(KD)PC(HT) (Treat Me Now)
Adipose cell SP(KD)SP(SP) (Treat Me Now)
Adipose Cell inside SP(KD)SP(SP)SP(SP) (Treat Me Now)
Ground Substance SP(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Mesenchymal cells SP(KD)LV(HT) (Treat Me Now)
Fibroblast SP(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Fixed Macrophage SP(KD)LU(HT) (Treat Me Now)
Free Macrophage SP(KD)LI(HT) (Treat Me Now)
Plasma Cell
Melanocyte SP(KD)BL(HT) (Treat Me Now)
Hair SP(KD)LI(LU) (Treat Me Now)
Hair follice SP(KD)LI(LU)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)


Top/Lateral Bone BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Lower/Medial Bone KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle KD(KD)ST(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now) or BL(KD)ST(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now)
Tendon KD(KD)GB(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now) or BL(KD)GB(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now)
Ligament KD(KD)LV(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now) or BL(KD)LV(KD-SI) (Treat Me Now)
Bursa KD(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now) or BL(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Cartilage KD(KD)KD(LV) (Treat Me Now) or BL(KD)KD(LV) (Treat Me Now)
Joint cavity KD(KD)HT(KD) (Treat Me Now) or BL(KD)HT(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Joint cavity HT(ST) (Treat Me Now) also SI(ST) (Treat Me Now)


Muscles ST(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Lower/Medial Bone connection ST(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Upper/Lateral Bone Connection ST(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Tendon connection ST(KD)GB(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Epimysium muscle surface ST(KD)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Perimysium internal boundaries ST(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle fascicle ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle fascicle perimysium ST(KD)ST(KD)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle fascicle endomysium ST(KD)ST(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle Fiber ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle Fiber Satellite Cell ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Sarcolemma ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)LU(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle Fiber Endomysium ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)LI(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle Fiber Mitochondria ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)SP(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Muscle Fiber Nucleus ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Myofibril ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)KD(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Sarcoplasmic Reticulum ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)ST(KD)BL(KD) (Treat Me Now)


Nerves 45° off direct angles (KD to SI)
Dendritic head Any Nerve(KD to SI)KD(KD)
Synaptic tail Any Nerve(KD to SI)BL(KD)
Internal cavity Any Nerve(KD to SI)LU(KD)
Dendrites Any Nerve(KD to SI)LV(KD)
Synaptic cleft Any Nerve(KD to SI)HT(KD)
Connected muscle Any Nerve(KD to SI)ST(KD)
Myelin Any Nerve(KD to SI)LI(KD)
Capillary Any Nerve(KD to SI)SI(KD)


Tendons GB(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Reticular Fibers GB(KD)LV(LV) (Treat Me Now)
Collagen fibers GB(KD)GB(GB) (Treat Me Now)


Ligaments LV(KD) (Treat Me Now)
Reticular Fibers LV(KD)LV(LV) (Treat Me Now)
Collagen fibers LV(KD)GB(GB) (Treat Me Now)


Sphinters KD(ST) (Treat Me Now) also BL(ST) (Treat Me Now)

Larynx, Pharynx, Trachea, Esophagus

Pharynx LU(KD) Mouth line (Treat Me Now)
Tonsils LU(KD)TW(TW) Mouth line (Treat Me Now)
Soft palate LU(KD)BL(KD) Mouth line (Treat Me Now)
Cavity LU(KD)HT(KD) Mouth line (Treat Me Now)
Oropharynx LI(KD) Throat box (Treat Me Now)
Laryngopharynx LU(KD) Throat box (Treat Me Now)
Epiglottis LU(KD)LV(KD) Throat box (Treat Me Now)
Thyrohyoid membrane LU(KD)LV(LV) Throat box (Treat Me Now)
Hyoid bone LU(KD)KD(KD) Throat box (Treat Me Now)
Throat Cavity LU(KD)HT(KD) Throat box (Treat Me Now)
Larynx LU(KD) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Thyroid Cartilage LU(KD)LV(KD) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Vocal Fold LU(KD)LV(LV) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Corniculate Cartilage LU(KD)LV(KD) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Cricothyroid ligaments LU(KD)LV(LV) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Tongue Root LU(KD)ST(KD) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Glottis cavity LU(KD)HT(KD) Armpit line (Treat Me Now)
Trachea LI(KD) Chest box (Treat Me Now)
Cartilage LI(KD)KD(LV) Chest box (Treat Me Now)
Ligament LI(KD)LV(LV) Chest box (Treat Me Now)
Esophagus SP(KD) Chest box (Treat Me Now)
Esophagus Smooth Muscles SP(KD)KD(ST) Chest box (Treat Me Now) and SP(KD)BL(ST) Chest box (Treat Me Now)