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This page does not have Treat Me Now links and is just for your edification



  • Strep: salicylic acid, endorphin, amylin, acetaminophen, HCL, oxalate array, reverse T3
  • Cholera: fermeldahyde
  • norovirus: pregesterone, oxolate array
  • Flu Virus (H#N#): TSH, T1-4, canninaboid array, HCL, salt tissues, acetylcholine, molecules of pain array (CPK)
  • MRCONS: canninaboid array
  • MRSA: neuropeptide array, cellular glue array, cartilage chips
  • Rhinovirus: reverse T3
  • Aspergillis: oxytocin, molecules of pain array (MMP2)
  • e. Coli: HCL acid, hot hormone array
  • HPV: excitotoxin
  • hanta virus: sugar toxins, epinephrine, norepinephrine, progesterone
  • Clostridium: excitotoxin, glutamate arrays, zonulin, gliadin, gluten,
  • pertussis: estrogen, progesterone
  • BT: oxalates, hot hormone array, fermeldahyde
  • mcv: Calcium oxalate arrays, cyanide
  • HPV: Sodium oxalate arrays
  • bacteroides: stress hormone arrays
  • coronavirus: radioactive isotopes, sugar toxins, hcl, estrogen, thyroid hormone arrays, serotonin,
  • nitrous oxide (maybe), skin tags
  • candida: cortisol arrays, histamine, dampness, potassium, dopamine, acetylcholine,
  • herpes: histamine, stress hormone array
  • cooking yeast array: acetylcholine, potassium, gas bubbles, CO2, estrogen
  • botulinum: botulinum toxin, cortisol array, dampness in LV/GB arrays, Fire Qi excess
  • stachybotrys: hcl, testosterone array, serotonin, dopamine, reverse T3, progesterone
  • proteus mirabilis: cholesterol, progesterone, mercury, urease, ammonia, molecules of pain array (synuclein), GL3, hot hormone arrays
  • helminths: formic acid (most produce this), ghrelin (some), leptin (some)
  • propionibacterium acne: cortisol array, progesterone, hot hormone array, molecules of pain array (MMP2), neuropeptide y
  • hepatitis: anesthesia treatment tissues, dampness
  • equine infectious anemia virus: drinking alcohol, substance P
  • coxsackievirus: hcl, progesterone
  • mucor racemosus: fear, drinking alcohol
  • RSV: GL3 (causes liver blood xu)
  • rotavirus: GL3 (causes liver blood xu)
  • tinea: nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, hot hormone arrays, GL3
  • giardia: salicylic acid, thyroid hormone array tissues, histamine
  • smallpox: substance p
  • MERS: progesterone, estrogen, hcl, thyroid hormone array, sodium, insulin, sugar toxins, lactic acid
  • fungus: bone chips, nitrate reductase, ADDL tissues (some), corticosteroid (some)
  • protomyxzoa rheumatica: GABA
  • dendrodochium toxicum: lactic acid
  • C. dif: fermeldahyde, norepinephrine
  • strep pneumonia: reverse cortisol
  • h. amoeba: ethyl mercury (and stimulates histamine), phlegm, all pathogen types
  • ebolavirus: ebolavirus glycoprotein, histamine, hcl
  • plasmodium falciparum: hcl, bicarbonate sodium (therefore also Yin xu)
  • vibrio cholera: fermeldahyde
  • rope worm: cortisol array, testosterone array
  • chikungunya: Stomach Fire (therefore also Water Qi excess fear and anxiety arrays)

Pathogen Life Cycles

  • clostridium, equine infectious anemia virus, norovirus, rotavirus, mrsa, coxsackievirus, h. pylori, giardia, streptomyces
  • candida, entamoeba, enterobius, p. acne, strep, tinea, rhinovirus, botulinum, h. amoeba, rope worm, MERS, plasmodium falciparum, EBV, leishmania, dendrodochium toxicum, aspirgellis
  • cooking yeast, filarial worm
  • stachybotrys, herpes virus
  • toxoplasma gondii, coronavirus
  • ebolavirus, hantavirus


Cortisol: lengthens connective tissues, Earth invades Water, diminishes Jing, increases dopamine

Epinephrine: Mg+

Norepinephrine: Mg+

thyroid hormones: look for Water invading Fire. Increases acetylcholine which causes muscles fibers to fire as well as vagus nerve stimulation.

Testosterone: dopamine



Dopamine: itchiness and rash

Glutamate: damages nerves

Acetylcholine: random motor nerve firing