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Forehead Energetic Box

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HT — relates to individual cells, blood, happiness, passion, joy, and love

HT(SI) (Treat Me Now) blood in capillaries, throughout body, superior limbic system (HT brain), beam of light projecting laser-like into the sky from within

HT(BL) (Treat Me Now) inferior limbic system
(HT brain)

HT(LI) (Treat Me Now) blood in LI part of

HT(ST) (Treat Me Now) blood in motor cortex

HT(GB) (Treat Me Now) blood in GB parts of

HT(TW) (Treat Me Now) blood in TW parts of
HT(SP)up (Treat Me Now) blood in white matter

HT(LU)up blood in basal ganglia
and edge of gray matter

HT(KD) (Treat Me Now) blood in posterior
limbic system

HT(KD)down (Treat Me Now) blood in superior
limbic system

HT(LU)down (Treat Me Now) blood in exterior
brain surface, right side limbic system

HT(SP)down (Treat Me Now) blood in interior
gray matter, central limbic system

HT(PC) (Treat Me Now) blood in brain stem

HT(LV) (Treat Me Now) blood in prefrontal
cortex and visual cortex, left side limbic system

HT(ST)down (Treat Me Now) blood inferior
motor cortex

HT(LI)down (Treat Me Now) blood inferior LI

HT(BL)down (Treat Me Now) blood in lateral

HT(HT) (Treat Me Now) blood in eye
socket/nasopharynx/back of mouth inlets of face

SI — Relates to unconditionality, spirituality, and capillaries

SI(SI) (Treat Me Now) tongue nerves, pleasure,
happiness, joy, SI brain superior

SI(BL) (Treat Me Now) taste buds, SI brain

SI(LI) (Treat Me Now) tongue exterior “skin”

SI(ST) (Treat Me Now) tongue muscle nerves

SI(GB) (Treat Me Now) tongue tip innervation

SI(TW) (Treat Me Now) upper hard palate and
nasopharynx nerves
SI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) tongue center innervation

SI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) tongue between tip and
center innervation

SI(KD) (Treat Me Now) cerebrum lateral
ventricles or fornix

SI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) SI brain, deep

SI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) interior base of
anterior nose, right side SI brain

SI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) flesh level of
tongue innervation, central SI brain

SI(PC) (Treat Me Now) sides of tongue and
sides of cheeks at tongue innervation

SI(LV) (Treat Me Now) lateral internal
anterior nose surface innervation, left side SI brain

SI(ST)down (Treat Me Now) esophagus to tongue

SI(LI)down (Treat Me Now) large intestine,
tongue surface pharynx

SI(BL)down (Treat Me Now) bladder
capillaries, inferior SI brain

SI(HT) (Treat Me Now) throat aspect of tongue

ST — Relates to power, responsibility, flexion, and muscles

ST(SI) (Treat Me Now) innervation of anterior
tibialis and extensor carpi ulnaris, motor cortex (ST brain) superior

ST(BL) (Treat Me Now) innervation extensor
digitorum and lateral gastroc, motor cortex (ST brain) inferior

ST(LI) (Treat Me Now) innervation of extensor
digitorum longus and forearm flexors

ST(ST) (Treat Me Now) innervation of all
muscles throughout body

ST(GB) (Treat Me Now) innervation temporal
muscles and vastus lateralis and triceps brachii lateral

ST(TW) (Treat Me Now) innervation
stylopharyngeus and arterial muscles throughout body
ST(SP)up (Treat Me Now)
innervation rectus abdominus and sternocleidomastoid and

ST(LU)up (Treat Me Now) innervation hyoglossus
and diaphragm

ST(KD)up (Treat Me Now) innervation gluteus
maximus, forearm muscles, diaphragm, masseter inferior, superior to
knee all muscles, hand and feet muscles

ST(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — motor cortex, sex organ
muscles (pubococcygeal, spongiobulbourethral)

ST(LU)down (Treat Me Now) innervation anterior
intercostal muscles, right side motor cortex

ST(SP)down (Treat Me Now) innervation vastus
medialis and upper esophageal sphincter and brachioradialis

ST(PC) (Treat Me Now) flexor carpi radialis,
perineum, corrugator, presumably all veins

ST(LV) (Treat Me Now) transverse oblique
and/or internal abdominal oblique and gluteus medius and four gates
(interrosei and adductor hallicus)

ST(ST)down (Treat Me Now) flexor carpii

ST(LI)down (Treat Me Now) pectoralis minor

ST(BL)down (Treat Me Now) various pollicis

ST(HT) (Treat Me Now) cardiac muscle and
adductor digit minimi and palmar muscles (introsseous)

SP — Relates to trust, rhythms, nurturing, and flesh

SP(SI) (Treat Me Now) innervation SI meridian,
SP brain superior

SP(BL) (Treat Me Now) finger flesh innervation
and BL meridian, SP brain inferior

SP(LI) (Treat Me Now) innervation flesh LI
meridian and pinky toe , SP brain exterior boundary, sleepy

SP(ST) (Treat Me Now) innervation stomach
meridian, pancreas

SP(GB) (Treat Me Now) innervation GB meridian,
jaws and lower esophagus and superior cardiac sphincter

SP(TW) (Treat Me Now) innervation TW meridian,
SP brain arteries, all body flesh arteries

SP(SP)up (Treat Me Now) — innervation SP meridian,
SP brain “flesh”, sleep/relax

SP(LU)up (Treat Me Now) innervation LU
meridian, SP brain interior boundary, refreshed

SP(KD) (Treat Me Now) — innervation KD meridian,
fascia innervation

SP(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — SP brain, mouth and
inferior tongue, peace and calm, soft and gentle

SP(LU)down (Treat Me Now) line lateral to LV
line and medial to PC Jueyin meridian, right SP brain

SP(SP)down (Treat Me Now) medial to GB line
and lateral to TW Shaoyang meridian, central SP brain

SP(PC) (Treat Me Now) innervation PC meridian

SP(LV) (Treat Me Now) — innervation LV meridian, left
side SP brain

SP(ST)down (Treat Me Now) all muscles

SP(LI)down (Treat Me Now) “dermis”
of SP brain, drifting to sleep

SP(BL)down (Treat Me Now) inferior SP brain,

SP(HT) (Treat Me Now) innervation GB meridian,
Qi and blood in SP brain

LI — Relates to judgment, expectations, acuity, external boundaries/skin

LI(SI) (Treat Me Now) LI brain superior

LI(BL)up (Treat Me Now) LI brain inferior

LI(LI)up (Treat Me Now) — sinuses

LI(ST)up (Treat Me Now) LI channel face and

LI(GB) (Treat Me Now) balls of feet and
fingertips anterior skin

LI(TW) (Treat Me Now) LI brain arteries, all
skin arteries especially cheeks and palms and soles

LI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) lips and around lips,
palms and sole skin

LI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) all hairs

LI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) hand and feet skin

LI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) LI brain

LI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) right side of LI

LI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) central LI brain

LI(PC) (Treat Me Now) LI brain veins, neck
glands and tonsils, possibly also thyroid

LI(LV) (Treat Me Now) left side LI brain,
center palate to GV20

LI(ST)down (Treat Me Now) interior arterial

LI(LI)down (Treat Me Now) all skin

LI(BL)down (Treat Me Now) mucus membrane skin

LI(HT) (Treat Me Now) Qi and blood LI brain

LU — Relates to integrity, categorizing, and internal boundaries/dermis

LU(SI) (Treat Me Now) – LU brain superior

LU(BL)up (Treat Me Now) LU brain inferior

LU(LI)up (Treat Me Now) scalp and posterior
forearm skin

LU(ST)up (Treat Me Now) posterior hands and
feet and nostril skin

LU(GB) (Treat Me Now) ankles, forehead
anterior scalp hair, tongue taste buds

LU(TW) (Treat Me Now) chest aorta, fingertip
artery boundaries, soft and hard palate arteries, LU brain arteries

LU(SP)up (Treat Me Now) soles and palms and
interior sinus skin

LU(LU)up (Treat Me Now) all skin

LU(KD)up (Treat Me Now) all dermis

LU(KD)down (Treat Me Now) LU brain, olfactory

LU(LU)down (Treat Me Now) right side LU brain,
inferior nasopharynx

LU(SP)down (Treat Me Now) central LU brain,

LU(PC) (Treat Me Now) LU brain veins, space
between nasopharynx and palate

LU(LV) (Treat Me Now) left side LU brain, plum
pit Qi, throat

LU(ST)down (Treat Me Now) larynx/epiglottis

LU(LI)down (Treat Me Now) middle ear, bronchi

LU(BL)down (Treat Me Now) LU brain inferior,
alveoli, deep nostrils

LU(HT) (Treat Me Now) Qi and blood LU brain,
face forehead to chin

TW — Relates to truth, honesty, hormones, glands, and arteries

TW(SI) (Treat Me Now) arms to head arteries,
TW brain superior

TW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) knees to feet
arteries, TW brain inferior

TW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) finger and toe

TW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) neck to chest arteries

TW(GB) (Treat Me Now) hip LOF to feet arteries

TW(TW) (Treat Me Now) heart organ/aorta

TW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) abdomen arteries

TW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) lung organ arteries

TW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) brain arteries

TW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) kidney organs and
all bones arteries, TW brain

TW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) knee LOF arteries,
right side TW brain

TW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) ankle LOF arteries,
central TW brain

TW(PC) (Treat Me Now) hip LOF arteries

TW(LV) (Treat Me Now) rib LOF arteries, left
side TW brain

TW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) forehead LOF

TW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) jaw LOF arteries

TW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) reproductive organs

TW(HT) (Treat Me Now) armpit LOF arteries

PC — Relates to safety, faith, lymphatic vessels, and veins

PC(SI) (Treat Me Now) — arms to head veins, PC brain
(midbrain) superior

PC(BL)up (Treat Me Now) knees to feet veins,
PC brain (midbrain) superior

PC(LI)up (Treat Me Now) finger and toe veins

PC(ST)up (Treat Me Now) neck to chest veins

PC(GB) (Treat Me Now) hip LOF to feet veins

PC(TW) (Treat Me Now) heart/ vema cava
PC(SP)up abdomen veins

PC(LU)up (Treat Me Now) lung organ veins

PC(KD)up (Treat Me Now) brain veins

PC(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — kidney organs and all
bones veins, PC brain

PC(LU)down (Treat Me Now) knee LOF veins,
right side PC brain

PC(SP)down (Treat Me Now) ankle LOF veins,
central PC brain

PC(PC) (Treat Me Now) hip LOF veins

PC(LV) (Treat Me Now) rib LOF veins, left side
PC brain

PC(ST)down (Treat Me Now) forehead LOF veins

PC(LI)down (Treat Me Now) jaw LOF veins

PC(BL)down (Treat Me Now) reproductive organs

PC(HT) (Treat Me Now) — armpit LOF veins

KD — Relates to deep structures, theory, reproductive organs, and inner bones

KD(SI) (Treat Me Now) Brain and spinal column
mediated pleasure/orgasm, KD brain superior

KD(BL) (Treat Me Now) cerebrum, KD brain

KD(LI) (Treat Me Now) LI part of cerebrum

KD(ST) (Treat Me Now) motor cortex

KD(GB) (Treat Me Now) speech center

KD(TW) (Treat Me Now) pituitary?
Intraventricular foramen? Hypothalamus?
KD(SP)up (Treat Me Now) white

KD(LU)up (Treat Me Now) basal ganglia and
interior grey matter boundary

KD(KD) (Treat Me Now) cerebellum and brain
stem/midbrain and spinal column

KD(KD)down (Treat Me Now) KD brain

KD(LU)down (Treat Me Now) longitudinal fissure
and exterior grey matter boundary, right side KD brain

KD(SP)down (Treat Me Now) interior aspect of
gray matter, central KD brain

KD(PC) (Treat Me Now) brain stem

KD(LV) (Treat Me Now) visual cortex and
prefrontal cortex, left side KD brain

KD(ST)down (Treat Me Now) balance part of
ear, dizzy, clogged ear sensation

KD(LI)down (Treat Me Now) interior boundaries
balance and auditory ear, ear pressure, tinnitus (high screeching)

KD(BL)down (Treat Me Now) cranial nerves

KD(HT) (Treat Me Now) limbic system

BL — Relates to superficial structures, physical objects, willpower, and outer bones

BL(SI) (Treat Me Now) ears/temporal lobes, BL
brain superior

BL(BL) (Treat Me Now) balance element of
ears/temporal lobe, BL brain inferior

BL(LI) (Treat Me Now) eustachian tube top,
auditory acuity

BL(ST) (Treat Me Now) element of ear balancing

BL(GB) (Treat Me Now) semicircular canals

BL(TW) (Treat Me Now) fluid vestibule
BL(SP)up (Treat Me Now)
jelly-like membrane tectorial inner ear

BL(LU)up (Treat Me Now) tympanic ear hair

BL(KD) (Treat Me Now) ear crystals for balance

BL(KD)down (Treat Me Now) BL brain, auditory

BL(LU)down (Treat Me Now) round window, right
side BL brain

BL(SP)down (Treat Me Now) surface for
eustachian tube, also incus/stapes/malleus, BL brain central

BL(PC) (Treat Me Now) midbrain hearing section

BL(LV) (Treat Me Now) ligaments for
incus/stapes/malleus, left side BL brain

BL(ST)down (Treat Me Now) auditory muscles,
tone changes, tinnitus?

BL(LI)down (Treat Me Now) ear hair cells,
tinnitus?, tone changes?

BL(BL)down (Treat Me Now) middle ear

BL(HT) (Treat Me Now) inner ear lumen

GB — Relates to decision making and tendons

GB(SI) (Treat Me Now) GB parts of brain

GB(BL)up (Treat Me Now) GB parts of brain

GB(LI)up (Treat Me Now) GB parts of brain
exterior boundaries

GB(ST)up (Treat Me Now) Sternocleidomastoid
and voicebox

GB(GB) (Treat Me Now) diaphragm and anterior

GB(TW) (Treat Me Now) GB parts of brain
GB(SP)up (Treat Me Now) GB parts of brain “flesh”,

GB(LU)up (Treat Me Now) itchy or taut skin

GB(KD)up (Treat Me Now) lymph nodes and glands

GB(KD)down (Treat Me Now) eyelids, occipital
neck, GB parts of brain

GB(LU)down (Treat Me Now) right side GB parts
of brain, upper chest

GB(SP)down (Treat Me Now) center GB parts of
brain, middle height esophagus

GB(PC) (Treat Me Now) GB parts of brain veins

GB(LV) (Treat Me Now) left side GB parts of
brain, posterior soft palate

GB(ST)down (Treat Me Now) all tendons

GB(LI)down (Treat Me Now) “dermis”
GB parts of brain, soft palate, superior middle ear, high pitch

GB(BL)down (Treat Me Now) inferior GB parts
of brain, variable tinnitus

GB(HT) (Treat Me Now) blood and Qi in GB
parts of brain

LV — Relates to action, growth, stretching, and connecting

LV(SI) (Treat Me Now) — prefrontal cortex and visual
cortex superior

LV(BL)up (Treat Me Now) prefrontal cortex and
visual cortex inferior

LV(LI)up (Treat Me Now) prefrontal cortex and
visual cortex exterior boundary

LV(ST)up (Treat Me Now) all ligaments

LV(GB) (Treat Me Now) all tendon connections
to all bones

LV(TW) (Treat Me Now) arteries in prefrontal
cortex and visual cortex
LV(SP)up (Treat Me Now) prefrontal cortex and
visual cortex “flesh”

LV(LU)up (Treat Me Now) prefrontal cortex and
visual cortex interior boundary

LV(KD)up (Treat Me Now) bone connection to

LV(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — prefrontal cortex and
visual cortex

LV(LU)down (Treat Me Now) right side
prefrontal cortex and visual cortex

LV(SP)down (Treat Me Now) central prefrontal
cortex and visual cortex

LV(PC) (Treat Me Now) veins in prefrontal
cortex and visual cortex

LV(LV) (Treat Me Now) left side prefrontal
cortex and visual cortex

LV(ST)down (Treat Me Now) all ligaments

LV(LI)down (Treat Me Now) “dermis”
of prefrontal cortex and visual cortex

LV(BL)down (Treat Me Now) prefrontal cortex
and visual cortex inferior as well as soles and palms

LV(HT) (Treat Me Now) blood and qi in
prefrontal cortex and visual cortex

Nerve Angles

NW(SI) (Treat Me Now) eye shen and eyebrows

NW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) iris or lense,
auditory ear relax

NW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) cheeks and superior
forehead relax

NW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) cheeks and maxilla and
lips relax

NW(GB) (Treat Me Now) cheek bone, maxilla,
upper teeth, eyelids relax

NW(TW) (Treat Me Now) meninges relax
NW(SP)up (Treat Me Now)
sinuses, cerebrospinal fluid face box relax

NW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) inferior and medial to
cheeks and lateral to lips relax

NW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) — cerebrum relax

NW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — cerebellum relax

NW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) wells beneath lower
eyelids, interior nasal passages, posterior upper nasopharynx relax

NW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) deeper meninges
superior and posterior arachnoid matter relax

NW(PC) (Treat Me Now) cavity between brain
and meninges subarachnoid space relax

NW(LV) (Treat Me Now) dura matter relax

NW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) scalp muscles relax

NW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) philtrum area of
maxilla and lower front teeth relax

NW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) bones superior to
soft palate relax

NW(HT) (Treat Me Now) nasopharynx upper and
lower relax

NE(SI) (Treat Me Now) eye shen and eyebrows

NE(BL)up (Treat Me Now) iris or lense,
auditory ear tense

NE(LI)up (Treat Me Now) cheeks and superior
forehead tense

NE(ST)up (Treat Me Now) cheeks and maxilla and
lips tense

NE(GB) (Treat Me Now) cheek bone, maxilla,
upper teeth, eyelids tense

NE(TW) (Treat Me Now) meninges tense
NE(SP)up (Treat Me Now)
sinuses, cerebrospinal fluid face box tense

NE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) inferior and medial
to cheek bones and lateral to lips tense

NE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) cerebrum tense

NE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — cerebellum tense

NE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) wells beneath lower
eyelids, interior nasal passages, posterior upper nasopharynx tense

NE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) deeper meninges
superior and posterior arachnoid matter tense

NE(PC) (Treat Me Now) cavity between brain and
meninges subarachnoid space tense

NE(LV) (Treat Me Now) dura matter tense

NE(ST)down (Treat Me Now) scalp muscles tense

NE(LI)down (Treat Me Now) philtrum area of
maxilla and lower front teeth tense

NE(BL)down (Treat Me Now) bones superior to
soft palate tense

NE(HT) (Treat Me Now) nasopharynx upper and
lower tense

SW(SI) (Treat Me Now) warm, light and airy
forehead box

SW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) surrounded by tiny
rocks forehead box

SW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) layered and scaly
forehead box

SW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) bricks forehead box

SW(GB) (Treat Me Now) vine-like forehead box

SW(TW) (Treat Me Now) steel pipes forehead
SW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) mushy forehead box

SW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) flat metal forehead

SW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) hard and bony forehead
box with itchy hands

SW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — fluid forehead box

SW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) reinforced metal
plates forehead box

SW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) muddy (cool, thick
and wet) forehead box

SW(PC) (Treat Me Now) permeable mesh forehead

SW(LV) (Treat Me Now) vine-like forehead box

SW(ST) (Treat Me Now) changing pressures
forehead box

SW(LI) (Treat Me Now) book paper or ream of
paper or thin transverse layers forehead box

SW(BL) (Treat Me Now) — heavy forehead box surrounded
by tiny balls of rock

SW(HT) (Treat Me Now) hot forehead box

SE(SI) (Treat Me Now) — warmth in the capillary
sub-cutaneous layer forehead box, exterior heat

SE(BL) (Treat Me Now) heavy bone surface
forehead box

SE(LI) (Treat Me Now) skin surface forehead
box, slightly buzzy and electrical, surface textures

SE(ST) (Treat Me Now) exterior muscle
forehead box, weight

SE(GB) (Treat Me Now) dura matter forehead
box, surface area? Heavier weight?

SE(TW) (Treat Me Now) meninges forehead box,
SE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) flesh depth (arachnoid matter) forehead
box, light pressure

SE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) dermis depth forehead
box, penetration

SE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) cerebrum especially
temporal lobes sensations

SE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) middle brain

SE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) dermis forehead box

SE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) flesh forehead box,
deep pressure

SE(PC) (Treat Me Now) arachnoid space
forehead box, damage alarm with pain

SE(LV) (Treat Me Now) in between bones
(sutures), damage alarm with severe pain

SE(ST) (Treat Me Now) exterior brain surface
forehead box, strain

SE(LI) (Treat Me Now) epidermis forehead box,
sharp pain?

SE(BL) (Treat Me Now) — disappearing forehead box

SE(HT) (Treat Me Now) forehead box internal