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What Is The Human Angle Project?

Introducing A Wonder Of The Energy Medicine World


Welcome to one of the 7 Wonders of the Energy Medicine world: The Human Angle Project! Created by Ethan Borg in 2007, this immense project is like the Grand Canyon in its breadth and audacity. Similar to the Human Genome Project which has the goal of identifying every gene in the human body, the Human Angle Project is an attempt to identify the physical, emotional, and spiritual impacts of every energy angle from head to foot in the human body. The Human Angle Project is built around Fu Xi Wen theory, a modern update of classical Chinese medicine.

In 2013, The Human Angle Project was updated to include “Treat Me Now” links based on Eminus Mirus (EM) and Spirit Branch Medicine. Clicking on these links initiates an energy treatment in the person who presses on the link. The energy treatment fills the indicated angle with balanced energy many energy levels deep while simultaneously clearing imbalances from the surface energy levels. As a result, you not only experience energy flowing through individual energy angles, you effectively heal any imbalances in that angle in a very deep and profound way at the same time.

The goals of the Human Angle Project are manifold:

  • Immediately experience for yourself the physical, emotional, and spiritual impacts of each energy angle of the body
  • Balance and heal these angles for improving your health and well-being
  • Assess for yourself the physical/emotional/spiritual impacts of each angle and add your input as to what they mean if you disagree with the explanation (hence the “Project” part of the name)
  • Experience not just this Wonder of the World, but also the Wonders of each unique angle and its deeper significance it plays in your life

Admission to this Wonder of the World costs $99 and includes 1 year Membership to the Qi Infusions Network. Click here to read more about other benefits of membership.

Areas Can Discover In The Human Angle Project

All Energetic Box Angles: