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The Human Angle Exploritorium

The Human Angle Exploritorium

Welcome to another amazing offering available to you only in this unique wonder of the Energy Medicine world: The Human Angle Project. The Human Angle Exploritorium is a way to have fun, explore. and experience the interactive power of combining energy angles. Tissues do not exist as singular entities — they combine. A muscle contains lymphatic vessels, red blood cells, nerves, and connective tissues by way of example. Angles of energy intermingle.

The energy that comprises our bodies is fractal in that every angle contains every other angle — not just other angles within the same energy box or line of force of the originating angle but oddly enough contain angles also inside other energy boxes and lines of force in the body. This means that the Thigh Box angle of ST(ST)+ that relates to “power” has facets about it that includes every other angle in the Human Angle Project, including for instance HT(SI) in the Chest Box related to “hope” or for additional example SI(LU)- in the Foot Box related to “my projections of energy out into the room”. In this way, we hold feelings and have real life experiences about many different elements of our “power” (to continue with this example). This is true about every angle of energy that is inside of us.

The Exploritorium looks like a simple form. The options include the same components as you will find on most pages in the Human Angle Project: Energy location (ie. Chest Box), vertical angle which is followed by the compass angle in paranthesis. The difference here is that you can specify up to three angles at a time. The first angle you specify is the primary angle. The next one is embedded in the first. And the third one (if you elect to explore a third one which is hardly necessary) is embedded in the first embedded angle. From a physiological perspective, ST(KD)TW(KD)HT(HT) would read as individual cells inside the deepest artery of the deep muscle. ST(KD) is the primary tissue — in this case the deep muscle. TW(KD) is the deep artery. HT(HT) is individual cells. Individual cells are embedded in the deep arteries. And the deep arteries are embedded in the deep muscle. So, combining these angles explores the energy of individual cells in the deep arteries of the deep muscle. But what does that mean emotionally or spiritually? Now that is where things become very cool.

When you click on the button below, you will receive balancing and healing energy in the angle or angles you select.

Tool suggestion: first explore the other pages of the Human Angle Project. Write down angles you are interested in exploring further as to how they might combine. And then come to the Exploritorium to see how the energy in these angles combines.

Primary Angle 

First Embedded Angle (inside primary):


Second Embedded Angle (inside 1st embedded angle):

*If an angle is partially constructed (ie. no energy zone is indicated or it is missing the vertical or the horizontal angle) it will be skipped.

** No doubt you notice in these forms “Lines Of Force” energetic zones with no pages corresponding with these in the Human Angle Project. Lines Of Force relate to other people other than yourself but they still have physiological, emotional, and spiritual facets. That’s right! The Human Angle project has many more angles to discover. Will you be the one to discover them?