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Human Angle Project

The Human Angle Project

To the clueless, this is a link to undecipherable nonesense. To those who understand what they have just found, they realize this is a priceless treasure they have stumbled upon. The human angle project is an attempt to map out every Fu Xi Wen angle for the entire body. The most obvious purpose of mapping out all angles of the body is to significantly improve the accuracy and efficacy of Fu Xi Wen treatments. The difference between treating the eye as a system versus treating the conjunctiva when treating conjunctivitis is the difference between a single treatment curing the problem versus tens of treatments over multiple days. The intent of this project is for other people to participate in finding finer and finer levels of sub-angle details. This is a gargantuan task. However, until someone contacts me by email indicating an interest in participating, the EMtuitive will simply move forward climbing this hill alone. These are the basic angles that are helpful to beginners:

  1. Beginner: Tissue Angle Chart
  2. The Anatomy Guide

All Energetic Box Angles:

Lines of force tend to define the tissues indicated by the Tissue-Angle Chart and Anatomy Guide in the energetic box inferior to each.