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HT(SI) (Treat Me Now) — sexual nerves around reproductive organs and anus and also in spinal column and in superior cerebellum
HT(BL)up (Treat Me Now) hua tou area lateral to spine and cervical neck and includes hua tou on occiput lateral to GV16
HT(LI)up (Treat Me Now) irises and along optic nerve to visual cortex
HT(ST)up (Treat Me Now) ulnar nerve
HT(GB) (Treat Me Now) deep finger nerves next to bones
HT(TW) (Treat Me Now) eyeball exterior muscle control
HT(SP)up (Treat Me Now) nerves in and around joints also mid posterior central sulcus of cereberum
HT(LU)up (Treat Me Now) patella and also last finger digit and last toe digits and LV/GB back shu
HT(KD)up (Treat Me Now) diaphragm and tongue at throat
HT(KD)down (Treat Me Now) ears and auditory processing wondering about tinnitus with this
HT(LU)down (Treat Me Now) vas deferens and anus and testicles or scrotum and penis at head in urethra and in women fallopian tube and uterus and urethra and clitoris
HT(SP)down (Treat Me Now) central tissue depth of cheeks and lips and chewing muscles I suspect relates to chattering teeth when cold
HT(PC) (Treat Me Now) pericardium around heart
HT(LV) (Treat Me Now) sinus ducts and sinus chamber and sinus array and around joints
HT(ST)down (Treat Me Now) Liver meridian including internal pathways to brain
HT(LI)down (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves of penis/vagina and perineum and coccyx and base of brain also skin nerves of epidermis and food facing surface of GI tract and air facing surface of sinuses and airways
HT(BL)down (Treat Me Now) nerves inside teeth also inside organs also inside sensory organs another angle to consider for tinnitus
HT(HT) (Treat Me Now) lumen control of nostrils and ear canals and urethra and GI tract and reproductive zone also consider for tinnitus and also constipation

SI(SI) (Treat Me Now) capillary control system wide
SI(BL)up (Treat Me Now) capillaries surface of bones
SI(LI)up (Treat Me Now) capillaries deep nostrils and upper airways and lungs
SI(ST)up (Treat Me Now) capillaries in testes and reproductive organs also kidney organs also in muscles
SI(GB) (Treat Me Now) capillaries in gallbladder organ and in spongiosum of penis and similar tensile tissue in vagina
SI(TW) (Treat Me Now) capillaries of arteries
SI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) capillaries throughout cerebrum and cerebellum
SI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) capillaries of dermis
SI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) capillaries of the bone marrow and deep bones
SI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) capillaries of spinal column and mid brain and deep glands (medulla)
SI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) most superficial capillaries
SI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) webbing of hands and feet and achilles and flexible tissue back of head and flexible tissue beneath buttocks and at every joint allowing for flexion and extension
SI(PC) (Treat Me Now) vein capillaries
SI(LV) (Treat Me Now) capillaries in tendons and ligaments
SI(ST)down (Treat Me Now) capillaries in the fascia
SI(LI)down (Treat Me Now) capillaries on the inferior side of the body (which can change according to body position)
SI(BL)down (Treat Me Now) capillaries of superficial bones
SI(HT) (Treat Me Now) capillary junctions

ST(SI) (Treat Me Now) nasal bridge, pancreas, and last finger and toe joints and around patella
ST(BL)up (Treat Me Now) quadraceps, anterior anus/perineum muscle, stomach organ superior, and hands and feet
ST(LI)up (Treat Me Now) erector pyli muscles
ST(ST)up (Treat Me Now) ear canal and nostril and urethra and GI tract including anus and lung lumen smooth muscle
ST(GB) (Treat Me Now) gallbladder and superior stomach organ smooth muscles
ST(TW) (Treat Me Now) artery smooth muscles
ST(SP)up (Treat Me Now) deep fat/buffer tissue layer
ST(LU)up (Treat Me Now) lung smooth muscles
ST(KD)up (Treat Me Now) tissue surrounding surface of bones
ST(KD)down (Treat Me Now) tissue surrounding interior surface of bones and exterior surface of bone marrow
ST(LU)down (Treat Me Now) smooth muscles of dermis
ST(SP)down (Treat Me Now) fat
ST(PC) (Treat Me Now) smooth muscles of veins
ST(LV) (Treat Me Now) joint capsule
ST(ST)down (Treat Me Now) all muscles
ST(LI)down (Treat Me Now) epidermis basement membrane
ST(BL)down (Treat Me Now) unconscious positioning of body via muscle control
ST(HT) (Treat Me Now) involuntary muscle movements during orgasm

SP(SI) (Treat Me Now) testes movement such as testicles in scrotum production side of reproductive components, also deep anus sphincter and its pleasure nerves, also finger joints and low abdomen and back of neck areas in movement during orgasm
SP(BL)up (Treat Me Now) flesh of quadraceps and forearms also along spine also padding of feet and hands
SP(LI)up (Treat Me Now) superficial abdominal fat also fat in skin also callouses
SP(ST)up (Treat Me Now) tendons especially tendons inside muscles
SP(GB) (Treat Me Now) ligaments
SP(TW) (Treat Me Now) transverse “cuts” of arteries
SP(SP)up (Treat Me Now) penis head rim and clitoris rim pleasure nerves but also transverse “cuts” of entire body
SP(LU)up (Treat Me Now) intercostal tissues and deep nostrils
SP(KD)up (Treat Me Now) padding and fat around bones
SP(KD)down (Treat Me Now) meninges and cartilage
SP(LU)down (Treat Me Now) tissue immediately interior to joint capsule
SP(SP)down (Treat Me Now) cushion tissue around bones also under rectus abdominus
SP(PC) (Treat Me Now) cushion of air in bones
SP(LV) (Treat Me Now) transverse stretching of tissue into oval shapes
SP(ST)down (Treat Me Now) transverse “cuts” of muscles into very small segments and also transverse cuts of teeth and gums also transverse segments of any tissue in the flesh tissue depth
SP(LI)down (Treat Me Now) scale like layers of the epidermis
SP(BL)down (Treat Me Now) circular soft tissue at fingertips and posterior elbows and around torso level with abdomen and nails
SP(HT) (Treat Me Now) interior soft padding of lumen of spinal column and cranium (epidural or arachnoid or subarachoid space)

LI(SI) (Treat Me Now) dermatomes
LI(BL)up (Treat Me Now) the equivalent of dermatomes for the surface of bones and cartilage
LI(LI)up (Treat Me Now) epidermis
LI(ST)up (Treat Me Now) motor cortex also liver also kidneys also anterior knees above patella with quadraceps and hamstrings (this is a strange angle let’s review it again some day)
LI(GB) (Treat Me Now) “v” shaped tissues such as tissue where lateral to top of external nostril ala and under eye intersect most obvious when your squint your face V’s made by iliac crest posterior also V of anterior scrotum also V of corners of lowest ribs also U’s of finger and toe shapes
LI(TW) (Treat Me Now) interior lining of the cranium and cranial fossa
LI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) exterior tissue of muscles and that divides muscles
LI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) sulci of the cerebrum and cerebellum and equivalent of the testes and the glands
LI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) contours of bones
LI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) lining tissue of ear canal and urinary tract and eye facing aspect of eyelid
LI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) transverse very small segments of skin including but not limited to palmer surface hands and fingers and soles of feet and toes
LI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) sagging and/or lines in skin and flesh and wrinkles
LI(PC) (Treat Me Now) likely the blood brain barrier
LI(LV) (Treat Me Now) ridged tissue of joint capsule that allows the tissue to actually bend
LI(ST)down (Treat Me Now) muscle attachment to bones
LI(LI)down (Treat Me Now) hair and scalp hair
LI(BL)down (Treat Me Now) most distal and most proximal edges of joint associated tissues millimeters to centimeters away from joint
LI(HT) (Treat Me Now) tissue around holes of the body such as eye orbits, anus, urethra, also saggy tissue under eyes

LU(SI) (Treat Me Now) anterior lungs and anterior chest and anterior diaphragm and sinus duct and posterior sinus
LU(BL)up (Treat Me Now) sinus chamber and deep lungs repositories of air/oxygen
LU(LI)up (Treat Me Now) bronchi
LU(ST)up (Treat Me Now) scalp that makes a U shape from ear to ear not including top of scalp
LU(GB) (Treat Me Now) cheeks around lips and up to eyelids and the correlary on the back of the head
LU(TW) (Treat Me Now) top of brain arteries, quadraceps arteries, forearm arteries = superficial arteries of body segments and body areas
LU(SP)up (Treat Me Now) gums also tissues that absorb impact at the back of the eye orbit and back of the cranium also in joints
LU(LU)up (Treat Me Now) mucus “films” such as film over eyes and film over inner cheeks and film over large intestine
LU(KD)up (Treat Me Now) middles such as middle finger and toe digits also vertex of sinus chamber also mid superior anterior sinus
LU(KD)down (Treat Me Now) ends such as the end digits of fingers and toes and the ends of the ears and end of the mouth and anus
LU(LU)down (Treat Me Now) tougher boundary tissue for linings of sclera and of joint capsules
LU(SP)down (Treat Me Now) boundary tissue around fat and cushion tissue
LU(PC) (Treat Me Now) blood vessels in dermis
LU(LV) (Treat Me Now) retina
LU(ST)down (Treat Me Now) convex muscles such as top of occipital neck and fingers and toes and rectus abdominus
LU(LI)down (Treat Me Now) skin at end points of the GB and LV meridians such as temples and vertex of sinus chamber and toes and also at Liver organ and Gallbladder organ
LU(BL)down (Treat Me Now) atlas joint
LU(HT) (Treat Me Now) blood flow in the dermis

TW(SI) (Treat Me Now) Yuan Source scapula to arms and fingers and down back into legs and emerging at joints
TW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) lymph nodes and major lymph ducts
TW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) where cerebrospinal fluid turns into lymph along spine
TW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) neck muscles, sternocleidomastoid and elevators and scalenes and rhomboids
TW(GB) (Treat Me Now) tendons of hands and feet and tendons inside muscles
TW(TW) (Treat Me Now) lymph of lips and cheeks and under chin and down neck and at xyphoid area
TW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) anterior/yin side cushion tissue such as tissue anterior to lungs and behind ribs and lips and cheeks and around sinus duct but not sinus duct and mid length quadraceps
TW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) lengthwise ovals around body segments about half way from bone to skin surface
TW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) mammary glands also lymph at mid length of all body segments and reproductive organs such as mid length of neck lymph all around
TW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) lymph in a circular pattern at mid length of all body segments and reproductive organs (also likely mammary glands)
TW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) lengthwise ovals around body segments but in perpendicular orientation to TW(LU)UP these are anterior-posterior orientation
TW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) tissue around the middle ear canal but exterior to ear canal
TW(PC) (Treat Me Now) pathways connecting glands
TW(LV) (Treat Me Now) GB meridian of head including ridges above eyebrows (GB14) also BL 12 or 13
TW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) epiphysis of bones, also interior to ridge of eye orbit maybe 1 centimeter and all around the eye orbit at this distance in
TW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) interior lengthwise boundaries such as boundary between breasts and chest wall and between rectus abdominus and abdomen and between sclera and interior eye anatomy
TW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) lymph or fluids in bones but not marrow
TW(HT) (Treat Me Now) plasma

PC(SI) (Treat Me Now) inferior areas such as inferior eye orbit and inferior ear canal and inferior pelvic floor
PC(BL)up (Treat Me Now) bone ridges such as the eye orbit ridge and the public bone and iliac crest and jaw bones extending towards teeth but not teeth and patella and hanging rib ends
PC(LI)up (Treat Me Now) skin lymph
PC(ST)up (Treat Me Now) concave shapes such as top concavity of the cranium and concavity of the side ribs and concave shapes end of bones at joints
PC(GB) (Treat Me Now) tissue around sinus duct but not sinus duct also tissue around pancreatic and gallbladder duct but not duct also spleen organ tissue probably of a similar nature
PC(TW) (Treat Me Now) fluid including but not limited to synovial fluid and eye chamber fluid
PC(SP)up (Treat Me Now) side ridges of tissues such as side ridges of my cerebrum and cerebellum and of patella and hips
PC(LU)up (Treat Me Now) inferior anterior chest anterior to lungs and superior to diaphragm also perineum also just under the skull bones mid length of cranium lateral to centerline and down to ear also where exterior ear and ear canal meet
PC(KD)up (Treat Me Now) deep bone/marrow circulation
PC(KD)down (Treat Me Now) inferior aspect of bone veins
PC(LU)down (Treat Me Now) 4 gates of LV3 and LI4
PC(SP)down (Treat Me Now) entire GI tract circulation also circulation along bones of arms and legs and hands/feet/fingers/toes
PC(PC) (Treat Me Now) all veins
PC(LV) (Treat Me Now) lymph or fluids near muscle tissue depth
PC(ST)down (Treat Me Now) lymph in muscles
PC(LI)down (Treat Me Now) lymph of intestines
PC(BL)down (Treat Me Now) reproductive organ and superficial bone circulation
PC(HT) (Treat Me Now) cerebrospinal fluid in cranium and in spine

KD(SI) (Treat Me Now) SI area of cerebellum also superior posterior cerebellum
KD(BL)up (Treat Me Now) posterior eyeballs including retina area also descending colon and small amount of ascending also penish sheathe/vagina elements
KD(LI)up (Treat Me Now) perineum and scrotum and its equivalent in women also nerves superior cerebrum possibly related to pleasure or sexual excitation
KD(ST)up (Treat Me Now) central sulcus of cerebrum center to posterior and down the cerebellum centerline to the brainstem centerline
KD(GB) (Treat Me Now) pursing lips, lips orientation also 1st and 2nd joints fingers also immediately around patella
KD(TW) (Treat Me Now) posterior upper corner of cerebellum also pancreas and pancreatic duct
KD(SP)up (Treat Me Now) around anus but not anus and around rectum but not rectum also around GI tract but not GI tract tissue immediately proximal to these tissues
KD(LU)up (Treat Me Now) urethra and ureters and bladder urinary tract
KD(KD)up (Treat Me Now) anterior aspect of kidney organs
KD(KD)down (Treat Me Now) inferior and posterior aspect of kidney organs also nerves in reproductive organs including their pleasure nerves
KD(LU)down (Treat Me Now) posterior and inferior aspects of urinary tract
KD(SP)down (Treat Me Now) tissue lateral to central sulcus of cerebrum and interior by 1 2 centimeters also small intestines organ and ileocecal valve
KD(PC) (Treat Me Now) interior cerebrum by three centimeters under superior aspect and posterior aspect of cerebrum also sucking movement of lips and diaphragm and stomach organ (probably essential for baby suckling)
KD(LV) (Treat Me Now) central cerebrum including but not limited to the pineal midbrain fibers also tendon nerves throughout the body
KD(ST)down (Treat Me Now) upper lip and lateral to lips and central chin and ear canals and anterior eyeballs at iris and forehead muscles
KD(LI)down (Treat Me Now) exterior ear and into ear canal also knuckles also down chin at the lateral edge of lips level
KD(BL)down (Treat Me Now) inner ear and temporal lobes and midbrain areas this is likely the entire auditory processing pathway
KD(HT) (Treat Me Now) limbic central and inferior cerebrum also inferior ear canal also heart orifice also lateral perineum including pleasure nerves

BL(SI) (Treat Me Now) lens of eyeball also most superficial capillaries of body
BL(BL)up (Treat Me Now) skull and atlas and C2 and C3 also coccyx and immediately anterior to anus and posterior perineum
BL(LI)up (Treat Me Now) all around 2nd digit of fingers and toes (look at this for Reynaud’s possibly)
BL(ST)up (Treat Me Now) scalp muscles also exterior eyeball muscles also occipital muscles
BL(GB) (Treat Me Now) glans of penis and clitoris
BL(TW) (Treat Me Now) arteries external to skull also arterioles but not arteries
BL(SP)up (Treat Me Now) cushion tissue under occiput and deeper than the muscles also around posterior skull but deeper than the scalp muscles
BL(LU)up (Treat Me Now) scalp skin also eyeball “skin” boundary tissue also nails
BL(KD)up (Treat Me Now) nail beds also sclera of eyeballs also ridge between harder lip tissue and softer lip tissue
BL(KD)down (Treat Me Now) nail cuticles also deepest edges of sclera also lips in inside to outside lines
BL(LU)down (Treat Me Now) sclera tissue along bony eye orbit also proximal tissue to nail cuticle also internal lip and cheek tissue in mouth
BL(SP)down (Treat Me Now) visible bony features of skull including eyebrow ridges and ridges at GB 12 of skull and cheek ridges and external eye orbit ridges and chin bones
BL(PC) (Treat Me Now) veins external to skull also venules but not veins
BL(LV) (Treat Me Now) inferior medial shape of eye to eye duct and inferior medial shape of occiput
BL(ST)down (Treat Me Now) all muscles shapes
BL(LI)down (Treat Me Now) deepest point underneath lower eyelid and above upper eyelid also superior ear canal also skin of chin and around lips also scrotum deep valleys and labia valleys
BL(BL)down (Treat Me Now) angle of face between cheek and eye under eye also cheek bones and jaw bones also kidney organs or adrenal glands (feel these areas are what becomes most prominent in people taking anabolic steroids)
BL(HT) (Treat Me Now) low back under kidneys also tissue in area of exterior reproductive organs that is not exterior reproductive organs also cheeks also GB12 between skin and bone also tissue most centeral between inside mouth and external face of lips and cheeks also fingers and toes also HT area of tongue

GB(SI) (Treat Me Now) GB and TW meridians, Shaoyang and energetic liver organs bilat
GB(BL)up (Treat Me Now) intercostal areas also BL meridian
GB(LI)up (Treat Me Now) LI meridian also skin of hands and feet and lips also skin of lungs
GB(ST)up (Treat Me Now) ST meridian also subtle PC meridian (circadian pair)
GB(GB) (Treat Me Now) GB meridian also eye to sinus duct also scalp tendon and all tendons at LOF
GB(TW) (Treat Me Now) SI meridian also underneath skull inferior lateral to atlas also capillary tissue depth including in Small Intestines organ
GB(SP)up (Treat Me Now) SP meridian also flesh tissue depth
GB(LU)up (Treat Me Now) LU meridian also sphenoid bone
GB(KD)up (Treat Me Now) KD meridian and dermis
GB(KD)down (Treat Me Now) superficial bone tissue depth
GB(LU)down (Treat Me Now) deep bone tissue depth including inside teeth
GB(SP)down (Treat Me Now) muscle tissue depth
GB(PC) (Treat Me Now) sphenoid bone also eyes of the knees also teeth enamel or dentin also sides of fingers and toes
GB(LV) (Treat Me Now) parietal skull bones also biting surface of teeth also tops of outer ears also pancreas and pancreatic duct and gallbladder and gallbladder duct also medial and lateral sides of joints
GB(ST)down (Treat Me Now) soles and palms and above ears in scalp also inferior sinus orbit pinpoint also space between teeth
GB(LI)down (Treat Me Now) callouses also space between Gallbladder and liver organs
GB(BL)down (Treat Me Now) teeth aspects that jut out where teeth and gums meet also webbing of toes and finger
GB(HT) (Treat Me Now) HT meridian also fingerprints and toe prints and outer ear shape and lateral patella

LV(SI) – (Treat Me Now) capillaries around joints
LV(BL)up (Treat Me Now) bone ends at joints also cartilage array
LV(LI)up (Treat Me Now) collagen and/or intercellular connective tissues
LV(ST)up (Treat Me Now) cardiac heart valves
LV(GB) (Treat Me Now) cardiac heart aspect
LV(TW) (Treat Me Now) corpus collosum
LV(SP)up (Treat Me Now) tissue immediately lateral to corpus collosum also immediately lateral to the cardiac heart and immediately lateral to joints
LV(LU)up (Treat Me Now) (often central) point of muscles where the bend changes from one arch and starts the next arch also center of transverse colon also central point urethra also curve of muscles
LV(KD)up (Treat Me Now) curve of bones
LV(KD)down (Treat Me Now) transverse curve of bones also curve of ribs also curve of skull
LV(LU)down (Treat Me Now) transverse curve of skin
LV(SP)down (Treat Me Now) curve of fat also transverse curve of flesh tissue depth
LV(PC) (Treat Me Now) tendon attachments such as last finger digit tendon attachments also xyphoid process and its attachments also nasal bones orientation also patellar tendons
LV(LV) (Treat Me Now) curve under eyes also curves of six pack of rectus abdomius also curve of anus also curve of elbows also curve of armpits also curve of feet and palms also curve of joints
LV(ST)down (Treat Me Now) cushion tissue above tendon attachments also cushion tissue of patellar tendon and eyes of knees
LV(LI)down (Treat Me Now) red area of medial eyeball also hard palate also soft palate also nasopharynx also middle digits of toes and fingers also sternum from xyphoid to CV17 also pleasure nerve plexus at perineum also tissue two tissues away distal/proximal from joints
LV(BL)down (Treat Me Now) curves at the heads and tails of bones at epiphysis also backmost aspect of throat level with mouth also curve of nostrils also curve of back corners of skull also penis/labia shape/curve
LV(HT) (Treat Me Now) pleasure also curve of anterior hips at GB26-28 also centerline of rectus abdominus also shape around mouth also deeper tissue deeper than nostrils also vagus nerve and all its connections

NW(SI) (Treat Me Now) bone marrow parasympathetic nerves
NW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) superficial bone parasympathetic nerves
NW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves in food facing and air facing surfaces of GI tract, exterior ear and ear canals and respiratory tracts also palmer surface of hands, fingers, toes, and feet and soles as epidermis superficial
NW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves one tissue depth deeper than NW (LI)up in same areas also superficial muscle depth as deep epidermis
NW(GB) (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves one tissue depth deeper than NW(ST)up also tendon tissue depth as dermis
NW(TW) (Treat Me Now) nerve one tissue depth deeper than NW(GB) still can feel as deep dermis
NW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves at flesh tissue depth
NW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves of blood facing surface of blood vessels of venules and arterioles
NW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) deep bone parasympathetic nerves
NW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves at glands
NW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) skin gland and hair parasympathetic nerves
NW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) mouth parasympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves of GI Tract sphincters and stomach organ and ileocecal valve
NW(PC) (Treat Me Now) artery and vein parasympathetic nerves
NW(LV) (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves in between bones
NW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves at deep muscles
NW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) erogenous zone parasympathetic nerves including clitoris and penis head, lips, fingertips, anus, and eye orifice
NW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves with an electrical/buzzing sensation of the superficial skin
NW(HT) (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic nerves at glands and hairs and cilia and villi

NE(SI) (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves in spinal column also sympathetic nerves of bone marrow
NE(BL)up (Treat Me Now) sex gland of the meninges (not known to Western medicine) also nerve under xyphoid around acupuncture point CV15 also superficial bone sympathetic nerves
NE(LI)up (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves immediately above public bone and sides of perineum also sympathetic nerves of epidermis
NE(ST)up (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves labia/vagina under clitoris and on penis sheathe under penis head also at lower dan tien near CV6 also sympathetic nerves epidermis one layer deeper than NE(LI)up
NE(GB) (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves of labia and penis sheath full length and central point also sympathetic nerves of dermis
NE(TW) (Treat Me Now) nerves controlling uterus and scrotum tension also pleasure nerves near but not at anus also sympathetic nerves deep dermis nerves
NE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves deep anus and rectum also at xyphoid process and along sternum also sympathetic nerves at flesh
NE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves in rectum and sphincters of rectum also at tongue and nostrils also sympathetic nerves blood facing surface of arterioles and venules
NE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves full length deep penis and labia also deep perineum and prostate/uterus also sympathetic nerves in deep bone
NE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves deepest aspect of penis and labia also sympathetic nerves glands and testes
NE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves deep prostate and deep uterus also skin gland and hair sympathetic nerves
NE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves under urethra also sympathetic nerves of mouth and GI tract sphincters and stomach organ and ileocecal valve
NE(PC) (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves of midbrain that project to penis and vaginal muscles also sympathetic nerves of the veins and arteries possible relationship with arousal
NE(LV) (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves in spinal column where pudendal nerve originates also in superficial cerebrum also sympathetic nerves between bones
NE(ST)down (Treat Me Now) motor cortex nerves sensitive to sex gland of meninges secretions also deep muscles of penis and vagina also sympathetic branch deep muscles throughout the body
NE(LI)down (Treat Me Now) temporal lobe and deep spinal nerves that transmit signals to pleasure nerves from pudendal to superficial cerebrum also erogenous zone sympathetic nerves such as lips, nostrils, eye orbits, finger tips, and rectum
NE(BL)down (Treat Me Now) deep temporal lobe and pleasure nerves around bladder/urethra junction also superficial sympathetic nerves
NE(HT) (Treat Me Now) pleasure nerves radiating in all directions around the anus and perineum and penis head and clitoris and small intestines also sympathetic nerves of hair and skin glands and cilia and villi

SW(SI) (Treat Me Now) nerves that sense movement in hairs
SW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) nerves that sense the movement of skin when it bends including several in the face for facial movements
SW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) nerves under skin of knees and elbows and finger joints that sense when they bend
SW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) nerves in muscles that sense when they bend also in medial quadraceps tendon at knee that sense when it bends also in stomach organ that senses its motion and in small intestines that senses its motion probaby to indicate hunger through nerve sensation
SW(GB) (Treat Me Now) nerves that sense motion in tendons of the hands and feet and in muscles and in tendonous sheathes of rectus abdominus and other large muscles and scalp tendons
SW(TW) (Treat Me Now) nerves that internally sense arteries and are likely involved in relaying information about throbbing
SW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves in the flesh tissue depth and in the deep abdomen
SW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves of lips and ears and eyelids and tongue and nose (all sensory organs) and also skin of major joints (consider looking at this one for tinnitus)
SW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves of the superficial bones
SW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves at glands and testes and eye ducts and bone marrow
SW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves of the intestines and gastrointestinal tract food facing surface also sinus chamber air facing surface and lungs and respiratory tract air facing surface
SW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) nerves that sense contraction movement in the middle of body segments
SW(PC) (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves of veins
SW(LV) (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves in folds such as eyelids and scrotum and labia sides and penis sheathe and anterior knees and elbows and brow
SW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves of skin glands
SW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves of pancreas and pancreatic duct and a certain kind of interior sensing nerve of skin and maybe reproductive ducts
SW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) certain type of skin nerve for a certain kind of unclear sensation possibly pressure
SW(HT) (Treat Me Now) interior sensing nerves for heat sensations

SE(SI) – (Treat Me Now) exterior nerves sensing energy
SE(BL)upper (Treat Me Now) exterior nerves that sense motion around the body
SE(LI)Upper (Treat Me Now) taste and smell receptors
SE(ST)upper (Treat Me Now) sensory nerves for hairs, cilia, and villi and possibly erector pyli
SE(GB) (Treat Me Now) pressure nerves in the tendons and sinuses
SE(TW) (Treat Me Now) diaphragm and skin nerves that sense stretching
SE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) pressure sensitive nerves of flesh tissue depth and abdomen under diaphragm and anterior to lungs
SE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) nerves that sense tackiness and dampness and dryness
SE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) nerves that sense joint orientation
SE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) pressure sensitive nerves in my superficial bones and cartilage such as ears and nose tip
SE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) pressure nerves in the sutures of my skull and between cartilage and bones
SE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) nerves of meninges and under nasal bones and behind eye orbit bones and behind sternum sensing pressure changes
SE(PC) (Treat Me Now) nerves sensing pressure on blood vessels
SE(LV) (Treat Me Now) sensory nerves inside teeth
SE(ST)down (Treat Me Now) deep itch sensations
SE(LI)down (Treat Me Now) skin pressure, pain and and pinch awareness nerves
SE(BL)down (Treat Me Now) cardiac heart awareness nerves also nerves bringing awareness to Gallbladder and Stomach organs and intestines
SE(HT) (Treat Me Now) nerves aware of cuts and wounding of skin and deeper tissue