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Ethan has given the power to the masses to heal themselves from daily ailments.. and has given us professional healers an exceptional tool to carry out our mission.”

— Liam Briones MD, MBA

“I first found Ethan about 7 years ago, when I was suffering from chronic Arthritis in my right knee. I am a realtor, so climbing stairs is something I have to do every day.  I was skeptical about how much an energetic treatment would do, but I was desperate!  I have not had pain in all these years since!   When I showed my doctor what had happened he was amazed, and started researching Ethan.  In the meantime Ethan helped me, and my family through many different ailments, including my husbands Sarcoidosis, various infections, my dogs cancer, the list goes on and on.  When I decided to study with Ethan,  I told my doctor, who responded that he would like to join me.  He now considers Ethan his doctor!  I cannot say enough about him, on every level!”

—  Denise Hall


“I just wanted to offer some of my own experience regarding Fu Xi Wen to anyone who might be interested. Basically, it has been just like having my own top-notch acupuncturist on call. I have been fortunate enough to receive long-term acupuncture treatment in the past and this is exactly what Fu Xi Wen reminds me of. While the interaction with my doctor was truly invaluable, there is something really great about being able to push a button and get a real treatment. Especially because activating a treatment instantly, at will, is not really feasible in a normal relationship with a Doctor.

On a personal note, certain recent events and circumstances have dramatically intensified the amount of financial and emotional pressure that I am experiencing. In other words, I have been starting to freak out. I can honestly say that simply allowing myself to experiment with this technology (with no up-front faith, belief or even expectations) has introduced such an amazingly powerful balancing and soothing effect that it definitely made a huge difference exactly when it was needed most.

My recommendation to anyone is to just try it and pay attention to the results. You be the judge. Just consider the emotional aspect alone. My subjective experience with Fu Xi Wen indicates to me that now it is literally possible to choose an emotional state from a list, click it on and expect to feel it begin to manifest within you. That is a bold statement but if you just try the technology for a week or two you may just find out that it really works. I sure did.”

–Patrick Toohey

“I really didn’t believe anything would happen over the internet or from a webpage but I saw it work with my own eyes.

Thanks for all of your work in healing people without drugs. You are such a gem. I am so happy and grateful that my path crossed yours in this lifetime.

Peace and love”


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