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Abdomen Energetic Box

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HT — relates to individual cells, blood, happiness, passion, joy, and love

HT(SI) (Treat Me Now) – joy

HT(BL) (Treat Me Now) hope

HT(LI) (Treat Me Now) cherish, idolize

HT(ST) (Treat Me Now) encouraged, heartened

HT(GB) (Treat Me Now) emotionally picked up

HT(TW) (Treat Me Now) forward flow through
clear and opened channel
HT(SP)up (Treat Me Now) good, upright

HT(LU)up (Treat Me Now) self-content

HT(KD)up (Treat Me Now) positive, passionate,
upright, upbeat

HT(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — flow, propulsion

HT(LU)down (Treat Me Now) I’m in a good mood

HT(SP)down (Treat Me Now) pleasant

HT(PC) (Treat Me Now) – easy, soft/gentle and
passive flow, prostate pleasure

HT(LV) (Treat Me Now) relief

HT(ST) (Treat Me Now) jazzed, grooving

HT(LI) (Treat Me Now) admiration

HT(BL) (Treat Me Now) concave, pooling

HT(HT) (Treat Me Now) — happy

SI — Relates to unconditionality, spirituality, and capillaries

SI(SI) (Treat Me Now) bliss, emitting fine

white light

SI(BL) (Treat Me Now) holy, saintly, emitting
unconditional love

SI(LI) (Treat Me Now) compassionate
unconditional love, emitting white fine white light out of the face

SI(ST) (Treat Me Now) powerful unconditional
love, emitting fine white light out of the neck box

SI(GB) (Treat Me Now) weeping out of
unconditional love, emitting fine white light out of the chest

SI(TW) (Treat Me Now) deep, welling
compassionate unconditional love, emitting fine white light out of
the abdomen
SI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) lovingly providing compassionate
direction, emitting fine white light out of the thigh box

SI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) inwardly driven
compassion, emitting fine white light out of the shin box

SI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) unconditionally open
lines of spiritual connection in all directions

SI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) showing mercy,
emitting fine white light out of the feet box

SI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) receiving fine white
light into the soles of the feet

SI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) spiritual cleanse,
fine white light softly on the soles of the feet and emitting from
the lower dan tien

SI(PC) (Treat Me Now) receiving yellow light
form heaven funneled into my spiritually light essence

SI(LV) (Treat Me Now) spiritual energetic core
grounded into reality

SI(ST) (Treat Me Now) power in lower dan tien
within the energetic core

SI(LI) (Treat Me Now) slide show of infinite
number of lives (Akashic records?) visual in my minds eye (middle dan

SI(BL) (Treat Me Now) cliff drop, uncertainty,
yin and yang of the spiritual Heavenly plane

SI(HT) (Treat Me Now) (top dan tien) spiritual
rituals that unlock higher levels of insight

ST — Relates to power, responsibility, flexion, and muscles

ST(SI) (Treat Me Now) top curve of stomach

organ, weepy from intense loving act

ST(BL) (Treat Me Now) anterior top half of
stomach organ to cardiac sphincter, will “power”

ST(LI) (Treat Me Now) stomach internal lining
and large intestine organ above hip LOF, your power, tearful, grief

ST(ST) (Treat Me Now) powerful

ST(GB) (Treat Me Now) decision-maker

ST(TW) (Treat Me Now) appendix? Bottom tip of
liver? Intent, actively and powerfully present
ST(SP)up (Treat Me Now)
duodenum? Powerfully nurtured (during sleep)

ST(LU)up (Treat Me Now) internal facing
surface of digestive organs above hip LOF, digestion

ST(KD)up (Treat Me Now) stomach organ
anterior, Leader/Leadership/Leading

ST(KD)down (Treat Me Now) stomach secretory

ST(LU)down (Treat Me Now) poise, internal

ST(SP)down (Treat Me Now) replenishment

ST(PC) (Treat Me Now) natural force, vacuum

ST(LV) (Treat Me Now) destructive force, acid

ST(ST) (Treat Me Now) sleepy and listless or
muscles at rest

ST(LI) (Treat Me Now) love-making

ST(BL) (Treat Me Now) posterior bottom of the
stomach organ

ST(HT) (Treat Me Now) empowered

SP — Relates to trust, rhythms, nurturing, and flesh

SP(SI) (Treat Me Now) loving held and cuddled

SP(BL) (Treat Me Now) self-assured, yin (like
nighttime), pancreatic duct

SP(LI) (Treat Me Now) — proud

SP(ST) (Treat Me Now) strong

SP(GB) (Treat Me Now) decisive or trembling,
shaky, nervous

SP(TW) (Treat Me Now) smart, insightful

SP(SP)up (Treat Me Now) — energy

SP(LU)up (Treat Me Now) Metal Qi

SP(KD)up (Treat Me Now) confidence, cardiac
sphincter? Superior pancreas?

SP(KD)down (Treat Me Now) inferior pancreas
and top of small intestine organ and in between space

SP(LU)down (Treat Me Now) integrity, fortified

SP(SP)down (Treat Me Now) trust, letting guard

SP(PC) (Treat Me Now) safe, protected

SP(LV) (Treat Me Now) easy going or stress,

SP(ST) (Treat Me Now) potential energy,

SP(LI) (Treat Me Now) humble

SP(BL) (Treat Me Now) anterior small intestine
organ to flesh level

SP(HT) (Treat Me Now) happy

LI — Relates to judgment, expectations, acuity, external boundaries/skin

LI(SI) (Treat Me Now) top scalp skin

LI(BL) (Treat Me Now) chin and forehead box
epidermal skin, inferior abdomen box portion of ascending and
descending large intestine

LI(LI) (Treat Me Now) Large Intestine organ

LI(ST) (Treat Me Now) face box skin

LI(GB) (Treat Me Now) neck box skin

LI(TW) (Treat Me Now) chest box skin

LI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) abdominal box skin

LI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) thigh box skin

LI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) shin box skin,
anterior transverse large intestine

LI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) soles of feet skin,
posterior transverse large intestine

LI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) foot box skin

LI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) soles and palms skin

LI(PC) (Treat Me Now) feet vein boundaries

LI(LV) (Treat Me Now) — scalp

LI(ST) (Treat Me Now) penis
head/labia/clitoris and lips and finger and toe tips skin

LI(LI) (Treat Me Now) skin and hair entire

LI(BL) (Treat Me Now) chin and forehead
dermis, superior transverse large intestine

LI(HT) (Treat Me Now) interior linings (ie.

LU — Relates to integrity, categorizing, and internal boundaries/dermis

LU(SI) (Treat Me Now) – upper respiratory tract cilia

LU(BL) (Treat Me Now) ear hair cells high

LU(LI) (Treat Me Now) nostril hairs

LU(ST) (Treat Me Now) eyelash hairs

LU(GB) (Treat Me Now) — temple and lateral eyelash
and lateral eyebrow hair

LU(TW) (Treat Me Now) forehead below scalp
white hairs

LU(SP)up (Treat Me Now) eyebrows

LU(LU)up (Treat Me Now) posterior scalp hair

LU(KD)up (Treat Me Now) inner ear canal hair

LU(KD)down (Treat Me Now) external ear hair

LU(LU)down (Treat Me Now) anterior scalp hair

LU(SP)down (Treat Me Now) teeth enamel

LU(PC) (Treat Me Now) cilia in anterior

LU(LV) (Treat Me Now) conjunctiva

LU(ST) (Treat Me Now) forehead white hairs
below TW area

LU(LI) (Treat Me Now) sideburns to anterior

LU(BL) (Treat Me Now) ear hair cells low

LU(HT) (Treat Me Now) (red color hairs?) hairs
around face and scalp

TW — Relates to truth, honesty, hormones, glands, and arteries

TW(SI) (Treat Me Now) entering connection
among lived lives

TW(BL) (Treat Me Now) perceiving/grasping
great distances

TW(LI) (Treat Me Now) patterns of human
communication, brain arteries

TW(ST) (Treat Me Now) explosive acceleration
to a far destination

TW(GB) (Treat Me Now) preparation for a
tremendous leap

TW(TW) (Treat Me Now) — waiting

TW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) pleasantly biding time

TW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) internal (meditative)

TW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) clarity

TW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — mind, intellect

TW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) stream of

TW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) no mind, emptiness,
empty mind

TW(PC) (Treat Me Now) void, darkness

TW(LV) (Treat Me Now) bridge over darkness and

TW(ST) (Treat Me Now) floating, hovering
stationary or moving

TW(LI) (Treat Me Now) propeller, propulsion,
spiraling, sexual turn on

TW(BL) (Treat Me Now) — meditative quiet/dark into

TW(HT) (Treat Me Now) sucking, suckling,
nursing, fellacio, pleasure in posterior central urethra nerve

PC — Relates to safety, faith, lymphatic vessels, and veins

PC(SI) (Treat Me Now) religious ecstasy

PC(BL) (Treat Me Now) religious passion or
being expectant, anterior superior vena cava

PC(LI) (Treat Me Now) looking at
interconnected spirit like a night sky of spiritual expanse

PC(ST) (Treat Me Now) angel rises to heaven

PC(GB) (Treat Me Now) mythic powerful
creatures (ie. Titans)

PC(TW) (Treat Me Now) emanating energies out
of holy texts
PC(SP)up nurturing from studying religion

PC(LU)up (Treat Me Now) inner calm from holy

PC(KD)up (Treat Me Now) plane of creation
within spiritual universe, vena cava anterior

PC(KD)down (Treat Me Now) spiritual solar
systems, vena cava posterior

PC(LU)down (Treat Me Now) my

PC(SP)down (Treat Me Now) comfort from

PC(PC) (Treat Me Now) void between two sources
of light, inside the lumen, abdomen veins

PC(LV) (Treat Me Now) connecting to light and

PC(ST) demons (fearful)

PC(LI) devil and hell

PC(BL) (Treat Me Now) physical sculptures or
symbols of spiritual icons, posterior superior vena cava

PC(HT) (Treat Me Now) rays of light
escaping/rising out of darkness, anal pleasure

KD — Relates to deep structures, theory, reproductive organs, and inner bones

KD(SI) (Treat Me Now) — excited

KD(BL) (Treat Me Now) intimidating/looming
structure, bladder organ

KD(LI) (Treat Me Now) towering person, giant,
diminutive feelings

KD(ST) (Treat Me Now) fighting a larger power,
David and Goliath

KD(GB) (Treat Me Now) connector between large

KD(TW) (Treat Me Now) (alone in) outer
KD(SP)up darkness

KD(LU)up (Treat Me Now) I am giant

KD(KD)up (Treat Me Now) matrix/infrastructure
of universe, pancreas

KD(KD)down (Treat Me Now) expanse of universe,
pyloric sphincter

KD(LU)down (Treat Me Now) the universe inside

KD(SP)down (Treat Me Now) Yang at the nadir of

KD(PC) (Treat Me Now) the spectral within me

KD(LV) (Treat Me Now) connection between

KD(ST) (Treat Me Now) punching own hand, yin
captures yang

KD(LI) (Treat Me Now) apex of awe (staring at
the heavens)

KD(BL) (Treat Me Now) spine, gutteral roar

KD(HT) (Treat Me Now) heavenly light of

BL — Relates to superficial structures, physical objects, willpower, and outer bones

BL(SI) (Treat Me Now) chest and upper arm

BL(BL) (Treat Me Now) thyroid and thymus,
exterior pancreas, pondering, low back spinous processes

BL(LI) (Treat Me Now) chest and upper arm

BL(ST) (Treat Me Now) chest and upper arm

BL(GB) (Treat Me Now) chest and upper arm

BL(TW) (Treat Me Now) chest and upper arm
arteries and aorta
BL(SP)up chest and upper arm
energy/posterior spleen organ

BL(LU)up (Treat Me Now) deep lung

BL(KD)up (Treat Me Now) confidence
(standing), chest and upper arm bones

BL(KD)down (Treat Me Now) sitting, low back and
leg to feet bones

BL(LU)down (Treat Me Now) upper lung

BL(SP)down (Treat Me Now) anterior spleen

BL(PC) (Treat Me Now) chest and upper arm
veins and vena cava

BL(LV) (Treat Me Now) liver organ structure

BL(ST) (Treat Me Now) stomach organ structure

BL(LI) (Treat Me Now) abdominal element of
large intestine structure

BL(BL) (Treat Me Now) pushing against waves,
entire spine structure

BL(HT) (Treat Me Now) chest cavity

GB — Relates to decision making and tendons

GB(SI) (Treat Me Now) nervous
energy/adrenaline, post excitement relief

GB(BL) (Treat Me Now) supreme, king, anterior
gallbladder duct

GB(LI) (Treat Me Now) superior, superiority

GB(ST) (Treat Me Now) fight for high social
status or peace with social position

GB(GB) (Treat Me Now) gallbladder organ,
social status posing or stance

GB(TW) (Treat Me Now) opportunity
heightened concern or placcid

GB(LU)up (Treat Me Now) content

GB(KD)up (Treat Me Now) observing, anterior
gallbladder organ

GB(KD)down (Treat Me Now) contemplative,
posterior gallbladder organ

GB(LU)down (Treat Me Now) hassled or annoyed
or go with the flow, taking it as it comes

GB(SP)down (Treat Me Now) inattentive and
closing eyes

GB(PC) (Treat Me Now) day dreaming or dreaming

GB(LV) (Treat Me Now) hunting or stalking prey
or post hunt contentment

GB(ST) (Treat Me Now) stomach action (likely
angle for gnawing or nausea)

GB(LI) (Treat Me Now) nervous system
relaxation, feint, low blood pressure

GB(BL) (Treat Me Now) settling, posterior
gallbladder duct

GB(HT) (Treat Me Now) hypnotic trance state

LV — Relates to action, growth, stretching, and connecting

LV(SI) (Treat Me Now) — flying, soaring,

edgy-adrenaline excitement

LV(BL) (Treat Me Now) flying and showmanship,
exterior anterior liver structure

LV(LI) (Treat Me Now) Large Intestine organ
motility, violence, acceptance

LV(ST) (Treat Me Now) stomach churning and
stomach acid, tearing apart

LV(GB) (Treat Me Now) grabbing, wrestling,
gallbladder organ action

LV(TW) (Treat Me Now) aorta throbbing, clear
plan of attack
LV(SP)up laughter? Or eating self up
inside, distrustful, ire, hate

LV(LU)up (Treat Me Now) at peace or crying
from sadness/grief

LV(KD)up (Treat Me Now) watching, liver organ
anterior lobes

LV(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — calm, at ease, relaxed,
liver organ posterior lobes

LV(LU)down (Treat Me Now) at peace with myself
or self-destructive, self-loathing

LV(SP)down (Treat Me Now) kinetic energy or
nervous tone, nervous system communication or emotionally upset

LV(PC) (Treat Me Now) out of body or fight or

LV(LV) (Treat Me Now) hunger, abdominal organ

LV(ST) (Treat Me Now) poised, ligament power

LV(LI) (Treat Me Now) play

LV(BL) (Treat Me Now) acting out of willpower,
exterior posterior liver organ structure

LV(HT) (Treat Me Now) flow of digestive
process from one location to the next, love generated by flow and

Nerve Angles

NW(SI) (Treat Me Now) sadness/gried with
tears, holding light with outstretched hand above head

NW(BL) (Treat Me Now) penis head/clitoris and
posterior penis shaft/posterior vagina pleasure

NW(LI) (Treat Me Now) tippytoes with bent
knees and bent hands covering eyes or bent fingers and toes or
ramming the body against an object to get to someone

NW(ST) (Treat Me Now) weaving chicken dance,
bending knees and elbows

NW(GB) (Treat Me Now) flapping arms like a
bird, bending shoulders

NW(TW) (Treat Me Now) nerve relaxation from
hormones or neurotransmitters
NW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) diving into water
and sinking with elongated body feet first

NW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) Russian dancing,
bending hip and knees

NW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) posterior digestive
organs relaxation

NW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) anterior digestive
organs relaxation

NW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) relaxed large

NW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) relaxed stomach and

NW(PC) (Treat Me Now) relaxed abdominal veins

NW(LV) (Treat Me Now) modern dance

NW(ST) (Treat Me Now) relaxed abdominal and
perineum muscles (pubococcygeal and bulbospongiosis muscles)

NW(LI) (Treat Me Now) relaxed skin abdomen and

NW(BL) (Treat Me Now) — compressed into a ball/fetal,
perineum and lateral anus pleasure

NW(HT) (Treat Me Now) nerve that innervates
muscles at anus and along posterior central penis to penis head or to
clitoris head

NE(SI) (Treat Me Now) a shower of light
entering the body with outstretched arms in a wide ‘v’, burning

NE(BL) (Treat Me Now) hunting, running and
diving after something, posterior penis shaft and vaginal wall

NE(LI) (Treat Me Now) jumping prey

NE(ST) (Treat Me Now) cocking a gun, preparing
a weapon with the anticipation to do harm

NE(GB) (Treat Me Now) tensions that accompany
anger and shout

NE(TW) (Treat Me Now) stressed and
NE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) hiding out of fear

NE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) stiff marching (band
or army)

NE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) anterior digestive
organ tension

NE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) posterior digestive
organ tension

NE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) large intestine
organ tension

NE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) stomach organ and
pancreas tension

NE(PC) (Treat Me Now) abdominal vein tension

NE(LV) (Treat Me Now) modern art, abstract

NE(ST) (Treat Me Now) abdominal muscles and
perineum muscle tension

NE(LI) (Treat Me Now) abdomen and forearm and
soles of feet skin itchy and tense

NE(BL) (Treat Me Now) compressing with tension
and perineum and anal tension

NE(HT) (Treat Me Now) anal muscle and
posterior to penis head and clitoris muscle tension

SW(SI) (Treat Me Now) super light, airy, and
floaty forearms and abdomen

SW(BL) (Treat Me Now) forearms surrounded by

SW(LI) (Treat Me Now) scaly forearms and

SW(ST) (Treat Me Now) solid and blocky
forearms and abdomen

SW(GB) (Treat Me Now) wiry and vine-like
forearms and abdomen

SW(TW) (Treat Me Now) steel-pipe-like forearms
and abdomen
SW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) mushy forearms and abdomen

SW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) flat metal forearms
and abdomen

SW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) hard and bony forearms
and abdomen with itchy hands

SW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — fluid forearms and

SW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) reinforced metal
plates forearms and abdomen

SW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) muddy (cool, thick
and wet) forearms and abdomen

SW(PC) (Treat Me Now) permeable mesh forearms
and abdomen

SW(LV) (Treat Me Now) plastic forearms and

SW(ST) (Treat Me Now) changing pressures
forearms and abdomen

SW(LI) (Treat Me Now) book paper or ream of
paper or thin transverse layers forearms and abdomen

SW(BL) (Treat Me Now) — heavy forearms and abdomen
surrounded by tiny balls of rock

SW(HT) (Treat Me Now) hot forearms and abdomen

SE(SI) (Treat Me Now) — warmth in the capillary
sub-cutaneous layer abdomen and forearms, exterior heat

SE(BL) (Treat Me Now) heavy bone surface
abdomen and forearm

SE(LI) (Treat Me Now) skin surface abdomen and
forearms, slightly buzzy and electrical, surface textures

SE(ST) (Treat Me Now) exterior muscle abdomen
and forearms, weight

SE(GB) (Treat Me Now) exterior to bone depth
abdomen and forearms, surface area? Heavier weight?

SE(TW) (Treat Me Now) artery depth abdomen and
forearms, coolness
SE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) flesh depth abdomen and
forearms, light pressure

SE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) dermis depth abdomen
and forearms, penetration

SE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) anterior digestive
organs and forearm bones structural soundness

SE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) posterior digestive
organs and forearm bones structural soundness

SE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) dermis abdomen and
forearms and lower lip and chin and hands, buzzy and electrical
numbness, hair sensitivity

SE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) flesh abdomen and
forearms, deep pressure

SE(PC) (Treat Me Now) vein abdomen and
forearms, damage alarm with pain

SE(LV) (Treat Me Now) in between bones, damage
alarm with severe pain

SE(ST) (Treat Me Now) deep muscles abdomen
and forearms, strain

SE(LI) (Treat Me Now) epidermis abdomen and
forearms, sharp pain?

SE(BL) (Treat Me Now) — disappearing abdomen and

SE(HT) (Treat Me Now) abdomen and forearms
internal temperature