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Neck Energetic Box
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HT — relates to individual cells, blood, happiness, passion, joy, and love

HT(SI) (Treat Me Now) deep loving adoration of
an elder (ie. sibling love) or much larger being

HT(BL)up (Treat Me Now) deeply loving an

HT(LI) (Treat Me Now) deeply loving a person

HT(ST) (Treat Me Now) deeply responsible
because of love

HT(GB) (Treat Me Now) deep caring and loving
concern/compassion for another

HT(TW) (Treat Me Now) clear and honest
affection (with soft eyes)
HT(SP)up (Treat Me Now) deep release and
relaxation (hard to keep eyes open)

HT(LU)up (Treat Me Now) deep caring and
concern/compassion for myself

HT(KD)up (Treat Me Now) compassionate love

HT(KD)down (Treat Me Now) deep peace, total

HT(LU)down (Treat Me Now) my vulnerabilities

HT(SP)down (Treat Me Now) gentle core

HT(PC) (Treat Me Now) compassionate/God’s love

HT(LV) (Treat Me Now) following another out of

HT(ST)down (Treat Me Now) powerful
compassionate core with freedom and lightness of being emanating

HT(LI)down (Treat Me Now) you make me happy,
you are gentle and compassionate towards me

HT(BL)down (Treat Me Now) rippling, rhythmic

HT(HT) (Treat Me Now) higher spiritual level
of compassionate love

SI — Relates to unconditionality, spirituality, and capillaries

SI(SI) (Treat Me Now) my spirit rising to
higher levels of spirit along the energetic core

SI(BL)up (Treat Me Now) spiritual structures

SI(LI)up (Treat Me Now) spiritual beings

SI(ST)up (Treat Me Now) movement of spirit

SI(GB) (Treat Me Now) spiritual polarities:
ie. Angels and demons, God and devil

SI(TW) (Treat Me Now) spirit moving back and
forth through time
SI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) spirit working through the

SI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my spirit/soul

SI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) all of spirit
(emanating levels out of the body)

SI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) spirit at peace and

SI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) the boundary that
divides my spirit from greater spirit

SI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) the comfort and
rhythms of my spirit in my body

SI(PC) (Treat Me Now) trepidation over the
awesome power of spirit

SI(LV) (Treat Me Now) my connection to my
spirit (ie. spiritual umbilicus)

SI(ST)down (Treat Me Now) spiritual delight,
white glow emanating from entire body

SI(LI)down (Treat Me Now) your spirit
emanating into me, mesmerized and enchanted by someone

SI(BL)down (Treat Me Now) internal spiritual
structures (ie. around the organs of the torso)

SI(HT) (Treat Me Now) warmth of rising spirit

ST — Relates to power, responsibility, flexion, and muscles

ST(SI) (Treat Me Now) power of interconnected

ST(BL)up (Treat Me Now) posing/showing off
physical prowess to attract

ST(LI)up (Treat Me Now) Your power over me,
your powerful advantage of strength, being held by the SCM and

ST(ST)up (Treat Me Now) moving great
weights/large objects

ST(GB) (Treat Me Now) superhero, super power

ST(TW) (Treat Me Now) the power to flow
through time
ST(SP)up (Treat Me Now) drawing comfort from my immense

ST(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my immense power

ST(KD)up (Treat Me Now) immense power

ST(KD)down (Treat Me Now) the power to stop

ST(LU)down (Treat Me Now) self-defense,
blocking/repelling attacks

ST(SP)down (Treat Me Now) resting and
re-energizing power

ST(PC) (Treat Me Now) receiving power from a
higher power

ST(LV) (Treat Me Now) grabbing and holding on
to power

ST(ST)down (Treat Me Now) deep muscles all
over body

ST(LI)down (Treat Me Now) your or other
people’s influence (power over me)

ST(BL)down (Treat Me Now) internal
infrastructure of my muscles, infrastructure to support power

ST(HT) (Treat Me Now) happy with my power and
powers around me

SP — Relates to trust, rhythms, nurturing, and flesh

SP(SI) (Treat Me Now) orgasm,
refreshed/feeling great and excited/joyful at the same time, rhythmic

SP(BL)up (Treat Me Now) comfort and ease of
entire body, parasympathetic relaxation

SP(LI) (Treat Me Now) — cuddling

SP(ST) (Treat Me Now) all muscles throughout
body refreshed and energized, parasympathetic ennervation muscles

SP(GB) (Treat Me Now) all tendons throughout
body refreshed and energized, parasympathetic ennervation tendons

SP(TW) (Treat Me Now) relaxed arteries
throughout the entire body (parasymp), comforted by the larger

SP(SP)up (Treat Me Now) deep full body
relaxation, parasympathetic relaxation

SP(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my deep relaxation,
parasympathetic relaxation

SP(KD)up (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic
relaxation of gastro-intestinal tract from mouth to anus

SP(KD)down (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic
relaxation of the entire spine

SP(LU)down (Treat Me Now) my hunger
(salivating), my love of food, parasympathetic control of hunger

SP(SP)down (Treat Me Now) the process of
eating and digesting, parasympathetic control over gastro-intestinal

SP(PC) (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic relaxed
veins throughout the body, surrendering to God

SP(LV) (Treat Me Now) energy inside every
ligament throughout the body therefore relaxed skeleton,
parasympathetic control over ligaments

SP(ST)down (Treat Me Now) muscles dissolving

SP(LI)down (Treat Me Now) relaxes with you,
comfortable with you

SP(BL)down (Treat Me Now) parasympathetic
nerve branches as they extend off the spinal column

SP(HT) (Treat Me Now) sexual drive,
parasympathetic control over sex

LI — Relates to judgment, expectations, acuity, external boundaries/skin

LI(SI) (Treat Me Now) all the people I know,
individual people in the interconnected web

LI(BL)up (Treat Me Now) your entire body, my
sexual attraction to you

LI(LI)up (Treat Me Now) your physical features
that I focus on

LI(ST)up (Treat Me Now) the influence of

LI(GB) (Treat Me Now) my enemies, the forces
against me, polarizing forces in my life

LI(TW) (Treat Me Now) all the “you’s”
in all my lives, how you change over time

LI(SP)up (Treat Me Now) sex

LI(LU)up (Treat Me Now) facial skin, my tribe
and ethnicity

LI(KD)up (Treat Me Now) ears separate from
face auditory acuity, I-thou, reality as separate from me

LI(KD)down (Treat Me Now) my reflection (as in

LI(LU)down (Treat Me Now) nose separate from
face and sense of smell

LI(SP)down (Treat Me Now) gums separate from
face and teeth, smelling for food

LI(PC) (Treat Me Now) face vein surfaces,
reality of the entire universe as separate from me

LI(LV) (Treat Me Now) eyes separate from face,
visual acuity

LI(ST)down (Treat Me Now) essence

LI(LI)down (Treat Me Now) other people in your

LI(BL)down (Treat Me Now) where external
infrastructure meets internal infrastructure

LI(HT) (Treat Me Now) tongue separate from
face, taste acuity

LU — Relates to integrity, categorizing, and internal boundaries/dermis

LU(SI) (Treat Me Now) — loving all of me

LU(BL)up (Treat Me Now) my entire body
structure from head to toe

LU(LI) (Treat Me Now) seeing myself
objectively and reflectively

LU(ST) (Treat Me Now) the power of my being,
my power in action

LU(GB) (Treat Me Now) my height, all of the
tendons of my body, my capacity to stretch and reach

LU(TW) (Treat Me Now) clear self-image

LU(SP)up (Treat Me Now) rhythmic sexual

LU(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my entire self

LU(KD)up (Treat Me Now) the inner objective
witness to this life

LU(KD)down (Treat Me Now) my form, my
solidity, my weight

LU(LU)down (Treat Me Now) my entire body
separate from the universe

LU(SP)down (Treat Me Now) the rhythms of my
entire body

LU(PC) (Treat Me Now) faith in myself

LU(LV) (Treat Me Now) my connection to objects
in the universe and my “walking” through life

LU(ST)down (Treat Me Now) my essence

LU(LI)down (Treat Me Now) my other people in
this life

LU(BL)down (Treat Me Now) my physical
imperfections (flow of my body in this life)

LU(HT) (Treat Me Now) my flow through life

TW — Relates to truth, honesty, hormones, glands, and arteries

TW(SI) (Treat Me Now) constellations, facial

TW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) planetary bodies,
meteors, facial bone structure arteries

TW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) atmosphere, facial
skin arteries

TW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) sun rays/heat/flares,
facial muscle arteries

TW(GB) (Treat Me Now) volcanoes, hurricanes,
facial tendon arteries

TW(TW) (Treat Me Now) space and galaxies, deep
brain arteries

TW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) planet Earth, facial
fat arteries

TW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my vantage point on
space, deep nose arteries

TW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) physical affects of
planetary energies, deepest face arteries

TW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) dark energy, facial
bone arteries

TW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) charting stars,
external nose and cheek arteries

TW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) sleeping at night
beneath stars, gum arteries

TW(PC) (Treat Me Now) fears about night and
planetary/meteoric powers

TW(LV) (Treat Me Now) watching planetary
bodies move over time

TW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) traveling through
darkness of space

TW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) life on other

TW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) comets hurtling
through dark space, occipital bone and atlas arteries

TW(HT) (Treat Me Now) inspired by space

PC — Relates to safety, faith, lymphatic vessels, and veins

PC(SI) (Treat Me Now) — awe

PC(BL)up (Treat Me Now) profound

PC(LI)up (Treat Me Now) saint worship

PC(ST)up (Treat Me Now) tears/strong emotions
of worship

PC(GB) (Treat Me Now) prayer with
(nervous-like) emotion

PC(TW) (Treat Me Now) clarity about spiritual
PC(SP)up comfort of folded prayer position

PC(LU)up (Treat Me Now) comfort of being
held/caccooned in God’s embrace

PC(KD)up (Treat Me Now) heaven, light over

PC(KD)down (Treat Me Now) light and darkness
flip-flopping incessantly

PC(LU)down (Treat Me Now) my expansion into
all of spirit

PC(SP)down (Treat Me Now) rhythms and comforts
of all spirit

PC(PC) (Treat Me Now) faith that leads to

PC(LV) (Treat Me Now) preaching

PC(ST)down (Treat Me Now) light emanating from
heaven like a stage light

PC(LI)down (Treat Me Now) guides, aliens

PC(BL)down (Treat Me Now) demons and ghastly

PC(HT) (Treat Me Now) belief, faith that
brings joy

KD — Relates to deep structures, theory, reproductive organs, and inner bones

KD(SI) (Treat Me Now) facing crowd/throngs,
Yang Qiao

KD(BL)up (Treat Me Now) dark structures
experienced, Du Mai

KD(LI)up (Treat Me Now) standing proud,
receiving accolades, Yin Wei

KD(ST)up (Treat Me Now) swift movement, Yin

KD(GB) (Treat Me Now) warrior-like posturing,
Yang Wei

KD(TW) (Treat Me Now) nighttime dark and
quiet, Dai Mai
KD(SP)up (Treat Me Now) sleeping ritual/rhythm

KD(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my sleep

KD(KD)up (Treat Me Now) self-absorbed

KD(KD)down (Treat Me Now) cervical neck bones,
structure to raise upright

KD(LU)down (Treat Me Now) pointy elbows,
defensive structures

KD(SP)down (Treat Me Now) walking/exercise?

KD(PC) (Treat Me Now) intimidatingly large
wide open spaces

KD(LV) (Treat Me Now) entertainment (dance and

KD(ST)down (Treat Me Now) stability, Chong Mai

KD(LI)down (Treat Me Now) future, Ren Mai

KD(BL)down (Treat Me Now) the entire meridian

KD(HT) (Treat Me Now) forlorn

BL — Relates to superficial structures, physical objects, willpower, and outer bones

BL(SI) (Treat Me Now) facial capillaries

BL(BL)up (Treat Me Now) cerebrum at face level

BL(LI)up (Treat Me Now) chin level to eyebrow
level skin

BL(ST)up (Treat Me Now) facial muscles

BL(GB) (Treat Me Now) facial tendons and

BL(TW) (Treat Me Now) facial arteries
BL(SP)up (Treat Me Now)
exterior and lower gums

BL(LU)up (Treat Me Now) cheeks, sinuses and
exterior nose

BL(KD)up (Treat Me Now) facial cartilage (and
hand joint cartilage), ears

BL(KD)down (Treat Me Now) facial bones

BL(LU)down (Treat Me Now) facial dermis and
deep nose

BL(SP)down (Treat Me Now) interior and upper

BL(PC) (Treat Me Now) facial veins

BL(LV) (Treat Me Now) facial ligaments and

BL(ST)down (Treat Me Now) facial deep muscles

BL(LI)down (Treat Me Now) facial skin dermis

BL(BL)down (Treat Me Now) cerebellum at face

BL(HT) (Treat Me Now) tongue and nasopharynx

GB — Relates to decision making and tendons

GB(SI) (Treat Me Now) tingling all over,
connecting to the vast interconnected web (connecting into the
creation of reality?)

GB(BL)up (Treat Me Now) molecules? Sub-atomic
particles? Alien life forms?

GB(LI)up (Treat Me Now) planning on moving the
pieces (other individuals) of the interconnected web

GB(ST)up (Treat Me Now) moving the pieces
(other individuals) of the interconnected web

GB(GB) (Treat Me Now) decision points between
me and reality

GB(TW) (Treat Me Now) flowing through the lumen
inside my connections to the web
GB(SP)up (Treat Me Now) substance of the
connecting lines, refreshing and relaxing the lines of connection

GB(LU)up (Treat Me Now) my universal umbilicus

GB(KD)up (Treat Me Now) connection points
between me and elements of physical reality

GB(KD)down (Treat Me Now) external connectors
connecting to internal connectors

GB(LU)down (Treat Me Now) interior connectors
within the body’s energetic anatomy

GB(SP)down (Treat Me Now) meridian Qi

GB(PC) (Treat Me Now) connection of higher
powers into me

GB(LV) (Treat Me Now) vertical/Heavenly Jing
weave, vision of wrestling entities

GB(ST)down (Treat Me Now) waves of relaxed
muscles and tendons, giving in, quitting

GB(LI)down (Treat Me Now) stress-free and
completely relaxed, surrender

GB(BL)down (Treat Me Now) body segments at
rest on each other

GB(HT) (Treat Me Now) visual, symbolic

LV — Relates to action, growth, stretching, and connecting

LV(SI) (Treat Me Now) — heavenly vertical connection
to spirit, lines of interconnected web emerging from me, expanding my

LV(BL)up (Treat Me Now) my line connection to
specific objects through the web

LV(LI)up (Treat Me Now) the line connecting me
to you in the web

LV(ST)up (Treat Me Now) all muscles poised,
sympathetic muscle enervation

LV(GB) (Treat Me Now) the lines emerging out
of me and their two connecting ends

LV(TW) (Treat Me Now) sympathetic enervation
of all arteries
LV(SP)up (Treat Me Now) burning fat into energy,
sympathetic gathering energy resources

LV(LU)up (Treat Me Now) out of body

LV(KD)up (Treat Me Now) earth and man plane
horizontal connections to everyday reality

LV(KD)down (Treat Me Now) extremely heavy,
south plane connected to east, west plane connected to north, south
to up and north to down

LV(LU)down (Treat Me Now) everything
connecting inward to me to my energetic core

LV(SP)down (Treat Me Now) sympathetic control
over gastro-intestinal functions

LV(PC) (Treat Me Now) higher powers
determining my connections

LV(LV) (Treat Me Now) earth and man plane
Jing weave of my body

LV(ST)down (Treat Me Now) powerful connections

LV(LI)down (Treat Me Now) moving over millions
of tiny energetic circuits throughout the body

LV(BL)down (Treat Me Now) sympathetic branches
stretching out of spine

LV(HT) (Treat Me Now) flow of energy along my

Nerve Angles

NW(SI) (Treat Me Now) light funneling into
head and neck

NW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) necklace, relaxed
cervical spinous processes and parathyroid

NW(LI) (Treat Me Now) neck trachea and
eustachian tubes relaxed

NW(ST) (Treat Me Now) posterior neck muscle

NW(GB) (Treat Me Now) neck and sacral tendon

NW(TW) (Treat Me Now) neck artery
NW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) flesh/fascia in neck relaxation

NW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) neck airway relaxation

NW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) thyroid relaxation

NW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) — internal cervical spine

NW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) dermis of neck

NW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) deep flesh/fascia

NW(PC) (Treat Me Now) neck vein relaxation

NW(LV) (Treat Me Now) neck ligament relaxation

NW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) anterior neck
muscle relaxation

NW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) neck skin relaxation

NW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) neck structure
relaxation also low back at spine

NW(HT) (Treat Me Now) neck lumen relaxation

NE(SI) (Treat Me Now) ear pressure with slight
hearing change

NE(BL)up (Treat Me Now) vertebral spine

NE(LI)up (Treat Me Now) eustachian tube and
trachea constriction

NE(ST)up (Treat Me Now) posterior neck muscle

NE(GB) (Treat Me Now) posterior neck tendon

NE(TW) (Treat Me Now) neck artery tension
leading to light headedness
NE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) neck exterior flesh
/fascia tightness

NE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) upper airway tightness

NE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) thyroid excitation

NE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) cervical bone

NE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) neck dermis tense
and numb

NE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) neck deeper
flesh/fascia tightness

NE(PC) (Treat Me Now) neck vein tightness

NE(LV) (Treat Me Now) neck ligament tension

NE(ST)down (Treat Me Now) anterior neck
muscle tension

NE(LI)down (Treat Me Now) skin in neck

NE(BL)down (Treat Me Now)

NE(HT) (Treat Me Now) narrowing neck and
eustachian tube lumen

SW(SI) (Treat Me Now) sense of moving sand
grains at neck

SW(BL)up (Treat Me Now) warm solid sensation
at neck

SW(LI)up (Treat Me Now) warm breeze sensation
at neck

SW(ST)up (Treat Me Now) sandy blocks sensation
at neck

SW(GB) (Treat Me Now) twisting against skin
sensation at neck

SW(TW) (Treat Me Now) fluid flowing sensation
at neck
SW(SP)up (Treat Me Now) accumulating mounds sensation at neck

SW(LU)up (Treat Me Now) dry and flat sensation
at neck

SW(KD)up (Treat Me Now) rock sensation at neck

SW(KD)down (Treat Me Now) boulders sensation
at neck

SW(LU)down (Treat Me Now) flaking lines
sensation at neck

SW(SP)down (Treat Me Now) cool mud sensation
at neck

SW(PC) (Treat Me Now) cuts and scrapes
sensation at neck

SW(LV) (Treat Me Now) tubes pressing against
neck sensation

SW(ST)down (Treat Me Now) gentle grab
sensation at neck and eustachian tube sense of fullness as if

SW(LI)down (Treat Me Now) pages of a book
sensation at neck

SW(BL)down (Treat Me Now) long solid objects
sensation at neck

SW(HT) (Treat Me Now) burn sensation at neck

SE(SI) (Treat Me Now) — capillary level: warmth

SE(BL)up (Treat Me Now) bone surface level:

SE(LI)up (Treat Me Now) superficial skin
level: buzzing and electric for texture

SE(ST)up (Treat Me Now) exterior muscle level:
light pressure

SE(GB) (Treat Me Now) exterior to bone: pain

SE(TW) (Treat Me Now) artery level: fluid
SE(SP)up (Treat Me Now) exterior flesh level: pressure

SE(LU)up (Treat Me Now) dermis: heat

SE(KD)up (Treat Me Now) bone level: structural

SE(KD)down (Treat Me Now) spine: pain

SE(LU)down (Treat Me Now) dermis: structural

SE(SP)down (Treat Me Now) deep flesh beneath
muscles: pressure , pain?

SE(PC) (Treat Me Now) vein level: cuts and

SE(LV) (Treat Me Now) between bones: pain

SE(ST)down (Treat Me Now) deep muscle:
pressure, pain?

SE(LI)down (Treat Me Now) skin: pain

SE(BL)down (Treat Me Now) bone surface: pain

SE(HT) (Treat Me Now) internal: temperature