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What Are “Treat Me Now” Links?

In the Eminus Mirus (EM) Level 1 Curriculum you learn about “EM Events”. An EM Event is the launching of an EM Treatment when certain criteria are met in Universal Qi. See the EMtuitive Youtube channel or watch the free EM Level 1 Video to better understand this concept. Since 2007, EM Events have been programmed in Universal Qi  to launch based on the clicking of “Treat Me Now” links on my websites. When you click the “Treat Me Now” link, your are fulfilling the three necessary steps to launch this particular EM Event:

  1. You are the person clicking it so you are the recipient of the treatment
  2. You are clicking on a treatment so you are identifying the treatment you want sent to you
  3. The clicking of the link is akin to the “Authenticated” word used in EM. It is the necessary step to launch the EM Event

In the Human Angle Project, the treatment you launch when you click on the “Treat Me Now” link is the sending of balanced energy from 18 levels deep of energy to the surface in the angle of energy next to the link itself. Simultaneously, any imbalances in energy are treated in the superficial energy layers so that every time you click on the link you not only experience the physical/emotional/spiritual impact of the angle, you also heal any imbalances in the surface energy levels of the angle at the same time.

In Spirit Branch Medicine, the “Treat Me Now” links are next to Spirit Branch Medicine treatments. Spirit Branch Medicine is the functional core of EM and predates it by many years. Each of these treatments in Spirit Branch Medicine are available for you to treat other people with once you reach EM Level 3. Click here to learn more about EM. Clicking on the “Treat Me Now” link sends you the Spirit Branch Medicine treatment immediately next to the link. Spirit Branch Medicine treatments are complete treatments designed to move energy in very specific ways in the body to help you heal.