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Nerve angles are included in every section of energy blocks in the body in the last quarter of every page. These angles below are nerves that have specific Five Element relationships.

Yin Water Nerves (Treat Me Now): last digits of fingers and toes and glands and interior knee and hip and testes and urinary tract and bones

Yang Water Nerves (Treat Me Now): BL channel legs and inner ear and bone surface and penis head/testicle spot and clitoris and ovary spot and bladder organ and bladder channel head and back and neck

Yin Wood Nerves (Treat Me Now): inside joints and middle ear and side of Stomach organ and tendons and ligaments and temples and sides of head

Yang Wood Nerves (Treat Me Now): long leg nerves and sacrum and nerves eminating out of spine and buttocks nerves and GB1 and liver organ

Yin Fire Nerves (Treat Me Now): reproductive pleasure shaft of penis and labia and perineum and cardiac heart and top of cerebrum along length of cerebrum surface and cheeks

Yang Fire Nerves (Treat Me Now): face at SI channel and neck and posterior forearms and anterior knees and hamstring attachment

Yin Earth Nerves (Treat Me Now): Spleen organ and lips and mouth and cranial nerves

Yang Earth Nerves (Treat Me Now): Stomach organ and up down of face and aponeurosis

Yin Metal Nerves (Treat Me Now): individual fingers and toes and heel and lateral malleolus and intestines

Yang Metal Nerves (Treat Me Now): upper respiratory and LI 19 and penis shaft and posterior wrists and anterior inner ear by tragus and anterior knee and length of hamstring and trapezius at neck and pectoralis major and olfactory nerve

Yin Water Fire Nerves (Treat Me Now): sinus interior and Stomach organ and Liver organ and chin and side of skull and cranial nerves and cardiac muscle and back of neck and tonsils and lymphatic and back of posterior hands to Tw6 and palms and soles

Yang Water Fire Nerves (Treat Me Now): vagus nerve and deep sinus and atlas and cervical 2 and 3 and scrotum and glans of penis head and uterus